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I figured since I posted two book reviews in a row, as I was catching up from being sick and absent from my blog, it was time to get back to some gaming content. Fortunately, I found this 30 Games Tag on A Geek Girl’s Guide to fit the bill.

I really tried hard not to repeat the same answers of Bioshock and Spyro for all of these questions, but not sure I succeeded. I’m nothing if not consistent.

The last single player game you played

Trails of Cold Steel. I’m trying to make my way through the whole series….

The last multiplayer game you played

Genshin Impact, which has taken over my life (and my wallet).

A game you’ve played through multiple times

Bioshock, Fire Emblem : Three Houses, Tales of Vesperia to name just a few. I definitely still have most of the original Spyro games memorized—that’s how many times I played it as a kid.

A game in your favorite genre

RPGS, JRPGS, and MMORPGS are by far my favorite genre of games. So I definitely have to go with Persona 5 Royal, which was probably my favorite game I played this year and the entertainment/distraction I needed in 2020.

A game in your backlog

What isn’t in my back log at this point? One I have been meaning to get back to sooner rather than later is, Tales of Vesperia : Definitive Edition (I’ve played the Xbox 360 version about three times, and started the Definitive Edition of the PS4 but got distracted by other games. T.T)

The game you’ve put the most hours into

I had an ungodly amount of hours in Animal Crossing : New Horizons (about 600 hours) when I finally stopped playing back in May. Seeing as the game came out in March, that is some pretty astronomical numbers.

A game you never finished

Little Dragons Café. I love this game so much that I can’t bear for it to be over, so I never finish it—I just pick it back up every few months, play a little, and then sit it back down. Does this make much sense? No. But is this what I do every single time I play it? Yes.

A game in third person

Most of the Resident Evil series. The clunky controls make it so much scarier, in my opinion. Will I turn around and shoot the zombie and licker in time or will I die trying? Probably the latter.

A game in first person

In contrast to my opinion above, Resident Evil 7. Playing that game in first person was horrifying. I was always rotating the camera and trying to see if something was lurking just out of sight.

A game you’ve replayed

I love replaying my favorite games. A few that I’ve replayed are Tales of Vesperia, Persona 3 Fes, Final Fantasy X, all the Bioshock games, Spyro games, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy XII, Skyrim, Persona 4, and there’s probably loads more. If I stopped replaying and played games in my backlog, maybe I’d actually make progress…heh.

A game you play to relax

5 Games to Play When You Need Cheering Up

Okami, but I did a whole post on this here.

A game that gets you excited

Tomb Raider. I love reboot Lara Croft. She’s such a badass and the icon we need.

A game from your favorite developers

Oh, I’m going to be evil and say my favorite developer is Squaresoft, sooo Final Fantasy X. Don’t @ me.

Your favorite indie game

Stardew Valley

Ori and the Blind Forest and Stardew Valley.

Your favorite AAA game

The Witcher 3 or Tomb Raider.

Your favorite board game

Fox in the Forest Duet, Clue. I also recently picked up The Tea Dragon Society but I haven’t gotten the chance to try it yet.

Your favorite multiplayer game

The Elder Scrolls Online. I really want to get back to playing it, but I know I’ll never finish my backlog if I do, as the game will definitely take over my life 🙁

Your favorite single player game

Is anyone surprised that its Spyro? I am definitely treating myself this year and getting my ugly Christmas Spyro sweater.

Your favorite game series

Enjoy this very old picture (of some of my favorite series) from the dawn of my blog.

Tales of, Final Fantasy, Persona, Spyro, and The Legend of Zelda

Your favorite game from childhood

Spyro, hands down. I keep buying more and more merchandise from it. My inner child is THRIVING.

An overrated game

Final Fantasy XV, perhaps the most disappointing game I’ve ever played, but it seems to have a lot of fans for some reason. I wrote a whole review on why I found it disappointing here.


Bioshock Infinite. I thought this game was really weak from a narrative standpoint. The game tried too hard to connect all of the entries in the series and to have a twist at the end. I didn’t think the twist was very well foreshadowed either. I also think Elizabeth wasn’t as likeable as Eleanor Lamb in Bioshock 2.


An underrated game

The entire Tales of series. I absolutely love these JRPGS and I feel like the series should be as well known (and loved) as Final Fantasy. It’s literally a crime that the series isn’t as recognized for its greatness.

Bioshock 2. I definitely didn’t value this game as much as the original Bioshock. But several years ago, I gave it a second chance, and realized how much I loved the story of Eleanor Lamb and Delta. I even preferred Eleanor as a character to Bioshock Infinite’s Elizabeth.

Also Shadow of the Tomb RaiderI don’t think that game gets nearly enough love.

Your guilty pleasure game

I guess I have to go with Genshin Impact, since it’s a gacha game and pretty much designed to make you spend money on an otherwise free game.

A game based on a movie

The Lion King for the SNES. Still haven’t been able to beat it to this day. Even with cheats.

A game with an awesome soundtrack

Skyrim, hands-down. Just hearing the music from say, Whiterun, relaxes me and takes me back to all the wonderful times I spent playing this game.

A game with awesome artwork

Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest, Child of Light, The Legend of Zelda : Wind Waker, Okami, Shadow of the Colossus are just a few that I can think of off the top of the head. Ori and the Blind Forest definitely has some distinction, as it made me burst into tears in the first five minutes of playing.

A game with awesome voice acting

I really think I have to go with the Uncharted series. Nolan North as Nathan Drake is so iconic.

A game best played on controller

I mean, as a lifelong console gamer through,  I find playing on PC or mobile pretty awkward, except for a few games.

A game best played on mouse and keyboard

The Sims, hands down. I tried to play it on the PS4 and it was absolutely horrendous.

An upcoming game you’re excited for

Kena : Bride of Spirits
I did an entire post on my most anticipated releases
here. I’m extremely excited for Kena Bridge of Spirits, Tales of Arise, Resident Evil VIllage, Horizon Forbidden West, and Final Fantasy XVI.



I hope you all enjoyed reading my answers to the 30 Games Tag as much as I enjoyed answering them. And if you recently picked up a new console, I hope you’re enjoying all of your new games as well! I actually have no plans to retire my PS4 as of yet! 🙂

30 Games Tag

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