5 Games to Play When You Need Cheering Up

I wanted to start writing more than just reviews, so I hope you will enjoy my new Five on Friday series! Watch for more posts in the upcoming months! With everything going on in the world right now, I thought that it was only fitting that my first entry be related to games that will cheer you up! Most everyone could use a little more relaxation, distraction, and carefree fun right now, so I’ve complied five games that will help you to get COVID-19 and self-isolation off of your mind and to put you in a better mood.



1. Animal Crossing: New horizons

Series: Animal Crossing

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Published by  Nintendo, Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development on March 20, 2020

GenreSocial simulation game


Animal Crossing


There’s nothing quite like getting away from it all and moving to the beach. That’s exactly the opportunity Animal Crossing gives players. Add in cute villagers, the growing of fruit and actual money trees, presents floating in the skies, house decorating, fossil hunting, clothes shopping, gardening, star wishing, and you’ve got a relaxing, but addicting game where the most difficult decision to make is which cute villagers to invite to live on your own island getaway. Plus, your friends can visit your island and you can visit theirs, presenting a blissful opportunity to kiss self-isolation goodbye!


2. Ōkami HD

Platform: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Steam, PS3, Xbox 360
Published by Capcom on December 12, 2017



5 Games to Play When You Need Cheering Up


Ōkami grants players the opportunity to play as the wolf reincarnation of the god, Amaterasu, who can purge the evil from the world of feudal Japan with a simple, celestial brushstroke. The setting of the game is beautiful, even with upscaled graphics, and Amaterasu’s quest to save the world and to restore the balance of nature is truly a unique and magical experience, with a fun cast of characters and a pervasive sense of humor. Bonus: there’s eight adorable doggo warriors who need your help to save the world!



3. The Legend of Zelda

Series: The Legend of Zelda

Platform: Any Nintendo console
Published by  Nintendo


5 Games to Play When You Need Cheering Up


Literally any The Legend of Zelda, except perhaps the dark and brutally timed Majora’s Mask where the moon is actually looming before it falls out of the sky and destroys everything, is a great choice to play during these complicated times. Breath of the Wild is an open world masterpiece which will keep players busy for hours on end. With its beautiful story, memorable characters, and fun puzzles, there’s a lot to love. Players looking for less of a commitment can check out the simpler Link’s Awakening, which combines the familiar faces of Nintendo, such as goombas and chomp chains, with our beloved The Legend of Zelda characters.



4. Spyro : the reignited trilogy

Series: Spyro

Platform: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC
Published by  Activision

Genre: Action-Adventure, platform


5 Games to Play When You Need Cheering Up


What could be more fun than toasting some enemies as a tiny dragon with lots of spunk who can do almost anything? Spyro has been one of my personal favorites since childhood, and I can’t recommend playing it enough.  The soundtrack, the reignited levels, and power-charged challenges are great for nostalgia lovers or for new time players. Plus, this single disc, includes three games–Spyro, Spyro 2 : Ripto’s Rage, and Spyro 3 : Year of the Dragon.



5. fire emblem : three houses

Series: Fire Emblem

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Published by Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo on July 26, 2019

Genre: Tactical role-playing game


5 Games to Play When You Need Cheering Up


Fire Emblem : Three Houses was both my first time playing a Fire Emblem game and a tactical role-playing game. I was not disappointed. At the time of this writing, I have over 200 hours in the game, have completed two different playthroughs of it, and have started a third playthrough–and I’m still not sick of it! No matter which house you choose, you are presented with unique moral choices that have a direct impact on the world, wonderful, complex characters, and a masterful story-telling experience. It has amazing replay value, allowing you to recruit your favorite characters all over again to help them grow in both battle and as a person, and there’s always a new bond to nurture between different characters. You can easily get lost in the world, moral dilemmas, and characters of Fire Emblem : Three Houses for countless hours. If you haven’t played it yet, do so immediately.


Bonus: Little Dragons cafe

Series: n/a

Platform: Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, PC
Published by Akysys Games on August 24, 2018

Genre: Simulation game

5 Games to Play When You Need Cheering up


I love Little Dragons Cafe so much that I cannot even bear to beat this precious game because I never want it to end! Whenever I am feeling down, I go back to this game, and its adorable cafe and even cuter pet dragon, Draco. I love gathering ingredients on the world map to cook new recipes, feeding my dragon to change his colors and to help him grow, and healing my customers’ hearts through food. Little Dragons Cafe is an underrated gem that fans of Animal Crossing and dragons will surely enjoy.



Is there a game you like to play to cheer yourself up that I didn’t list here? Comment below and let me know what you like to play when you’re feeling down.



Five on Friday : Games to Play When You Need Cheering Up

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