5 of my Favorite Non-Canon Couples in Video Games

5 Of My Favorite Non-Canon Couples in Video Games


In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite couples in video games. But then I got to thinking, doesn’t mostly everyone love Nate and Elena, Yennefer and Geralt, Tidus and Yuna, Zelda and Link? So to make things a bit more interesting, I decided to share a few of my favorite non-canon couples in gaming.


Zack x Tifa (Final Fantasy VII)


I know I have a few of you scratching your heads with this one, as Zack died before the events of Final Fantasy VII and Tifa appears to have feelings for her childhood friend, Cloud. But with the release of Final Fantasy VII remake, which shows Zack surviving the events that originally killed him, this ship suddenly becomes more viable. Like Aerith, who cheerfully, patiently, and naturally brings Cloud out of his shell, I think Zack could easily play this role for Tifa, who’s last name is even Lockhart, and has a lot of trouble expressing her feelings. In turn, Tifa could easily keep up with the First Class Soldier and provide a stable life for him at 7th Heaven, something we saw Cloud didn’t really want, much to Tifa’s dismay, in Advent Children. I’m excited to see Zack alive period in the remake, and curious to see if he and Tifa will interact. You got to admit, they’d make a beautiful, badass couple.


 Rean x Crow (Trails of Cold Steel series)


Well, this is another ship that snuck up on me, and apparently most of Japan, where it is one of the most popular pairings in the series. I was fully intending to romance Emma as Rean, only for Rean to constantly think of his senpai, Crow, at very odd moments. Crow is also the default choice for the motorcycle ride in the first game, and similarily, his bonding events are not optional to the story. Tellingly, Rean considers defecting to the Noble Alliance to be reunited with Crow, when not obsessing over dragging him back home with him. Likewise, Crow betrays his organization to save Rean’s life. Then later, Crow has the View Spoiler »


Velvet x Eizen (Tales of Berseria)

I cannot find the artist of this fanart to link 🙁 I believe it’s by an artist named Omi

I love these two. They both have a strong sense of justice, leadership, and concern for their younger siblings. Eizen even tells his sister, Edna, about Velvet in his letters, which is huge, as he is extremely protective of Edna and doesn’t want anyone corrupting her. This signals a deep trust of Velvet, and she is suitably pleased when he mentions to Velvet that he has told Edna of her. To top it off, Edna responds to her big brother that she believes Velvet sounds suitsble for him. On a more superficial level, Eizen is credited with the design and hairstyle of Velvet’s pirate costume, suggesting that these two are closer than what must assume. And it’s certainly true that they seem to understand each other on a level that no one else does, often communicating silently with shared looks and making decisions for the group together. When they disagree, the shared sentiment of other party members seems to be very much a “mom and dad are fighting again”. What’s more is that before the final battle, Velvet shares a private moment with Eizen, and expresses gratitude to him that they met.


Snow x lightning (Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy)

I will never stop being salty about this couple. Yes, Snow is engaged to Lightning’s sister, Serah and spends a lot of the time calling Lightning “sis,” to her sheer misery. But these two have way more chemistry and shared experiences than Serah and Snow ever had. Despite hating Snow on principle for wanting to marry her younger sister that she has raised, and spending a lot of time punching him, Lightning begins to respect and to depend upon the man over the course of the first game, with the pinnacle being when the two share a quietly charged moment in Gran Pulse to encourage each other to move forward. I asked myself, why didn’t Serah stay dead? Surely the two finding love in each other after the loss of a shared loved one would be a more human and complex story?


This does not seem like normal in-law behavior.

And to make matters worse, Snow and Lightning’s chemistry only continues throughout the trilogy of games, with Snow going after a missing Lightning in XIII-2, disappearing for months, apparently on Lightning’s orders which came to him in a literal dream, and being virtually unconcerned that his fiancee is traveling with a strange guy. Then in Lightning Returns, we got a supremely steamy trailer of Snow and Lightning, only to learn Serah is dead (again), and to see Lightning holding a shirtless Snow in her arms. People who didn’t know of their future brother-sister in-law status shipped them based on this trailer alone. I can say with complete certainty I have never once held my brother-in-law in my arms EVER, let alone when he was in a state of undress. I really think the developers/writers were confused, and that Serah, if she had to live (in spite of all the times the developers sorta killed or killed her, literally 3 times), should have ended up withanyone else, or spent some time on personal growth.


Akechi x Joker (Persona 5/Persona 5 Royal)


When I picked up Persona 5 Royal, I fully intended to form a relationship with the new addition to the game, Sumi. And I did end up doing that on my playthrough, but only because the game didn’t allow me to romance Akechi Goro, the rival of the protagonist, Joker. I was completely astonished by the queer coded dates to the aquarium, which is noted to be a date spot several times, to the bathhouse together, to the Jazz Club, and to the billiards. The creators of the game have since shared that Akechi does, in fact, have feelings for the protagonist, and that the third semester, with Joker, Akechi, and Sumi is a love triangle in which the latter two have feelings for Joker.

So I hesitate to even consider this couple non-canon, but the fact sadly remains, that you are unable to officially make Akechi your boyfriend in the game. This is despite all the dates, “honey I’m home jokes,” duels, brazen flirtations, and flat out comments of wishing they had met earlier, and the fact that Joker wanted to View Spoiler » I really tire of the creators making such strong male relationships, where the protagonist clearly cares for his *friend/rival* more than any of his female love interests, only to not have it go anywhere for some inexplicable reason. This is clearly a major case of queerbaiting.



Now that you’ve read a few of my favorite unofficial couples in video games, what are some of your favorite non-canon couples?

5 of my Favorite Non-Canon Couples in Video Games - Blogging with Dragons

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2 responses to “5 of my Favorite Non-Canon Couples in Video Games

  1. “I have never once held my brother-in-law in my arms EVER, let alone when he was in a state of undrele” I’m dying. I first started shipping Lightning and Snow waaay back when the FF13 promo stuff were being released and I’m still SO MAD that they’re not together. And you’re right, Lightning realizing she CAN rely on someone and forming an intimate bond with them would have been a better story. ?

    Also, I’m a unrepentant Zack/Aerith shipper but ngl Zack/Tifa would have been badass ?

    • Ahhh, I am so glad I am not the only one who ships Snow and Lightning ? I don’t understand the game developers/writers!
      Ah, I have this problem where I ship both Zack and Aerith and Cloud and Aerith ? not conflicting at all! I just thought poor Tifa deserved better on Advent Children.

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