Five on Friday : 5 Shows that Got Me Hooked on Dramas

Looking to get into watching East Asian Dramas but don’t know where to start? Here are 5 great shows that got me hooked on dramas. Clear your weekend for watching. 


1. Smiling Pasta 

Smiling Pasta


This Taiwanese drama was literally the drama that started it all for me and got me hooked on dramas. Of all things, I found out about Smiling Pasta when watching anime MVs on YouTube when autoplay happened and I was watching an MV about this show. I was instantly curious by the clearly dramatic show. Soon I found the entire drama on YouTube, and binged the whole thing. It has a great love story–complete with a love square–drama, and a phenomenal, catchy soundtrack. It follows Xiao Shi, a girl who is cursed to have no relationship last longer than 3 months, as she navigates the media storm started when she bumped into idol He Qun lips in front of the paparazzi. To save his reputation, his manager declares them engaged and the two enter into a love contract. Can Xiao Shi defeat her curse?

Where to watch: Viki


2. Goong/Princess Hours 

Goong/Princess Hours

My very first K-drama and a modern day (okay it’s not so modern anymore–you will literally see flip phones in this show), Cinderella story. In this alternate reality, main character Chae-kyeong becomes part of the Korean royal family–which doesn’t actually exist in our world–due to an arranged betrothal of her late grandfather and the Crown Prince’s grandfather. Unfortunately her new husband, Crown Prince Lee Shin is in love with one of their classmates and is less than thrilled with their marriage.  This K-drama combines a unique blend of high school drama with the political intrigue of historical dramas to make an incredible show. Plus, Crown Prince Lee Shin is super dreamy–I had major crush on him when I first watched it. You may recognize the actor as a young Joo Ji Hoon, the actor from Netflix’s historical zombie K-drama, Kingdom.

Where to Watch: Viki


3. Hanazakari Kimitachi E 

Hanazakari no Kimitach E

You probably know this drama by the English name of the manga it’s based on–Hana Kimi– or as K-drama starring the late k-pop star Sulli, To The Beautiful You. It follows a girl who transfers to an all male school, in disguise as a boy, to become closer to the track star there for mysterious reasons. Hijinks ensue as she becomes his roommate, and he discovers her identity as a girl, and he begins to fall for her. At the same time, another classmate falls for her, without knowing she’s a girl and begins to start questioning his sexuality. Beware this drama will give you a strong case of second lead syndrome. 

Where to watch: Google Search (not going to link due to uncertainty of legality of the wesbites), or watch the Korean version at Viki


4. Hana Yori Dango 

Hana Yori Dango

The Japanese version of the very famous Korean drama Boys Over Flowers. This drama follows a middle class girl in a school full of the wealthy and the elite who comes up against the most notorious bullies of the school, the F4. I am partial to this version of the drama due to the chemistry of the leads (the tension is palpable and it’s no wonder that the actors started dating in real life). I also found this version of the show to be sweeter, and less over the top than its Korean counterpart, which stars Lee Min Ho. I also much preferred Makino, the heroine of this version to the more loud-mouthed Jan Di of Boys Over Flowers. But if you want a more modern version of the show, there’s that version and also a Chinese version called Meteor Garden on Netflix. If anime is more your thing, than there’s also that version too!

Where to watch: Google search for Hana Yori Dango or watch other versions of the show, like Meteor Garden on Netflix or Boys Over Flowers on Netflix, Viki, Hulu. Or check out the anime version on Crunchyroll.


5. You’re Beautiful 

You're Beautiful

This drama has literally everything–a girl disguised as a boy, great acting, powerful second male lead syndrome (in fact viewers loved the second male lead and main girl together so much it spawned a whole other drama titled heartstrings), catchy music, and a great story-line. The story follows a young nun in training as she takes secretly takes her twin brother’s place in the kpop group, A.N.JELL, while he recovers from botched plastic surgery. Just thinking about this K-drama makes me want to rewatch it or listen to the music.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, Viki, Kocowa






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