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I’m Kate, and welcome to my little corner of the internet, Blogging with Dragons. I love reading, gaming, knitting, watching K-dramas and anime, and pretty much all things geeky. When not curled up into a cocoon reading or gaming, I hang out with my two dogs and my partner of over ten years, Eric, whom I met by chance on a little game called White Knight Chronicles. Eric would later go on to design and draw my original logo, Kelvin the dragon, for this blog.

Reading and gaming had always been a massive part of my life, but became absolutely indispensable when I was diagnosed with lupus, fibromyalgia, and multiple other pesky sidekick chronic illnesses. When these conditions got in the way of completing my English degree, I started my blog to recapture the magic of in-class discussions and to help other people find books and other geeky things that they’d love (and hopefully talk to me about).


Personally, I adore anything with strong female characters and disability representation. I mainly read and review science fiction and fantasy novels, but I also dabble in romance, horror, historical fiction, and anything else that catches my eye. My favorite types of video games are by far RPGs, but I got my start on the NES (yes, I’m that old) and play a little bit of everything on both consoles and on PC. 

If you want to learn more about my personal journey and the impact of reading and gaming in my life, check out How I Became a Book Blogger and How I Became a Gamer. And if you’re curious about the whole dragon thing, check out Why Dragons. 


If you’re interested in making a review request or how I rate things for my reviews, please read my Review Policy.


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