Why Dragons?


Why dragons, you ask? First of all, have you seen my logo? He’s adorable (shout out to my wonderful boyfriend, who draws him for me)! Second, dragons are freaking AWESOME! Not only do they fly, breathe fire (dracarys, anyone?), but they impart wisdom and shake things up wherever they appear. Plus, they occur in many of my all time favorite things!


My enthusiasm for dragons definitely started with a little purple guy named Spyro. I still remember playing the game on a Playstation 1 at a Toys R’ Us and then begging my parents for the console. They eventually gave in and I happily played the originals OVER and OVER. Hell, I still have them and continue to love the little wise-cracking dragon that saved the world when his older and bigger dragon counterparts failed.


I was disappointed when wise-cracking little Spyro was sold and then voiced by Elijah Wood (and worse, would later became a part of Skylanders), but luckily, I discovered other dragons to fill the void. Somewhere along the lines of my book reading obsession, which thankfully started at a very young age, I picked up a copy of Patricia C. Wrede’s Dealing with Dragons and was blown away! This book brilliantly broke all the norms of what I thought a fairy tale should be, plus  a runaway, rebellious princess named Cimorene. When she meets a dragon named Kazul, Cimorene is surprised that it isn’t at all interested in eating her. In fact, she takes he princess under her wing. The princess is even invited to organize Kazul’s library! Can you tell that I wanted to be Cimorene?


Draco and his knight ally in one of my all-time favorite movies, Dragonheart.

If Wrede’s series and Spyro weren’t enough to make me love dragons, there was a movie called Dragonheart to drive the point home. I still watch and talk about this movie, which is about a dragon named Draco, who generously gives half of his heart to save a dying prince, leaving them connected for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately the prince grows into a king and becomes a majorly ungrateful, evil asshole—and Draco must join forces with an ex-dragon-slaying knight to stop the king and save his kingdom.


But not all dragons were the kind-hearted, world saving types. A little video game you might have heard of—Skyrim—knocked my dragon-loving socks off, but also proved that some dragons really did want to see the world burn. Despite this truth, I was more than a little conflicted that being Dhovakiin, the last Dragonborn, meant that I actually had to kill the dragons to absorb their powers and to save the world. But it helped that these dragons were determined to end my puny existence, so I gritted my teeth and slew them. Luckily, I was awarded at last by meeting Paarthurnax, an older, wise dragon, who actually didn’t want to destroy me.


Alduin from Skyrim is one evil dragon!

Instead, the compassionate dragon fought by my side against Alduin, a dragon so evil, he was once referred to as the “World Eater.” To escape Alduin’s tyrannical rule (yes, in Skyrim, dragons once actually ruled over men, elves, and orcs alike), ancient heroes had to use an Elder Scroll to send him forward in time, hoping he’d be lost forever. Unfortunately, Alduin reappears during the last Dragonborn’s time, but with Paarthurnax’s help, he was once again defeated and the world was safe from him and his human hating comrades.


Daenerys with one of her very own three dragons.

With this game, my fate as a dragon lover was thoroughly sealed, with Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire’s Daenerys Targaryen, further cementing it. And though I haven’t given birth to any dragons like Danaerys, and I’m not a rebellious princess like Dealing with Dragons’s Cimorene, or a prince with half a dragon’s heart, I think we can all recognize that when dragons show up, in whatever form—whether fire breathing, wisdom imparting, jibe giving, world eating, or heart giving—magical things are bound to happen. And who couldn’t use a little magic in their own lives?

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    Have you read ‘The Dragon Riders of Pern’? This was my first exposure to the possible symbiotic relationship between humans and dragons … Rickkerr1

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