Knits: Black and White Baby Blanket

Another month, another baby blanket. I had only a month to get this blanket completed for a baby shower, so I figured I better find some chunky baby yarn–and fast! After scouring the internet to make sure such a thing existed, I happily discovered and purchased Bernat Softee Baby Chunky yarn (I found it at A.C. Moore). To make the requested black and white baby blanket, I bought the yarn in the colors White Fluff and Nighty Night, as well as Cozy Gray for an accent. I used 3 balls of White Fluff, 3 balls of Nighty Night, and 1 ball of Cozy Gray.


Knits - Black and White Baby Blanket - Blogging with Dragons


For the pattern, I used Purl Soho’s Chevron Baby Blanket, but changed it up a teeny bit to incorporate the changes in the yarn weight. I cast on 142 stitches, with my U.S. 11 circular knitting needles (36″), instead of the pattern’s suggested 100 stitches. I also changed up the color repetition to get the striped look I wanted.


Stripe Pattern

Color A : White Fluff

Color B: Nighty Night

Color C: Cozy Gray

With A, work 10 rows.

With B, work 6 rows.

With C, work 2 rows.

With A, work 14 rows.

With B, work 4 rows.

With C, work 2 rows.

With B, work 16 rows

With A, work 2 rows.

With C, work 4 rows.

With A, work 4 rows.

With B, work 6 rows.


Knits - Black and White Baby Blanket - Blogging with Dragons


I also wanted my blanket to have matching ends, so I added another 10 rows of white at the very end of the project. I did have to purchase an extra ball of yarn in order to do this, but I thought it was well worth it. Note: You may find if you leave too many long tails to weave in, you’ll run out of yarn and require more to finish the blanket, so be careful!



I’m really happy with how soft and warm this blanket is! As someone who is always cold, warmth is a very important factor when choosing a blanket. On my late night knitting sessions, this blanket kept me very warm on chilly fall nights. In fact, I found it so snuggly that I will probably make an adult version for myself one day! After I cool off from my blanket burnout, that is.


Knits - Black and White Baby Blanket - Blogging with Dragons


But despite being sick of knitting blankets, especially on a time crunch, the pattern and the yarn were both a pleasure to work with. I loved how quickly the yarn made up and how much progress I was able to make each time I sat down. This would be a great project for beginners, as there are only two repeatable rows and simple increases and decreases to worry about. It’s also great for people like me, who like to binge-watch Korean dramas while they knit; I ended up watching 3 of them, including “The Bride of the Water God,” while making this blanket! When I’m ready to make another blanket, I’ll definitely go for this pattern first for its ease, warmth, and good looks. To see the other baby blankets I’ve made (so far), click here.


What do you look for in a good blanket or knitting project?

Knits - Black and White Baby Blanket - Blogging with Dragons

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