Blaugust 2022 : A Reflection

The End of Blaugust 2022

Well, it’s August 31st and the final day of Blaugust 2022. So it’s absolutely the last day for me to post about this final week’s theme, which is reflecting on lessons learned from this Blaugust, which was my very first. 


I never saw myself as Blaugust material, but I’m really glad I participated in the event, with a little convincing on the part of my wonderful friend Meghan over at Meghan Plays Games. I have to say, that though I had a great time experiencing the excitement of Blaugust, I’m also incredibly thankful that this event takes place only once a year. It definitely feels like a marathon sprint for this blogger, who can often only manage to post a week.


I think the two biggest lessons I’ve learned with Blaugust are as follows:


1. Plan ahead

2. But don’t take it too seriously


As I said previously, this was my very first time participating in Blaugust and boy, did I end up wishing I had done a lot more planning for this event in advance. But as I decided at pretty much the eleventh hour I was participating in Blaugust, I didn’t really give myself any time to plan posts and to get organized. While this lack of preparation gave me a lot of freedom to write about what I was in the mood to write about, it also left me with not a whole lot of time for the whole process of writing, editing, making graphics, editing again, and eventually posting. Since I had to do all of this at virtually the last minute, I did not manage to get a whole lot of other reading and reviewing done on top of what I was already doing, which lead to me feeling pretty on behind with my normal blogging schedule.


Even with this very last post, I’ll have only managed to write six specific Blaugust-themed posts during this month-long event; the scramble to come up with ideas and content that fit the weekly themes within the correct time period was for me, quite real. Kudos to everyone out there that manages to post two or three times a week, or every day, you guys are phenomenal, and I could never.


I ended up writing two posts about myself for the Introduce Yourself week—How I Became a Book Blogger and How I Became a Gamer—which were way outside of my comfort zone, and as a result, I spent a little too much time and energy on those lengthy posts. Instead, I definitely could have focused on writing more content for the other themes. Ultimately though, I don’t regret taking the time I did on these heavier posts, even if it could have been spent on other posts, as they are something I had wanted to write for a very long time and hadn’t dared to do so. I’m thankful that Blaugust gave me the push and inspiration to finally write them!


And with those more serious posts already out in the blogosphere (I’m making up this term), and out of the way, I think next year (or whenever I participate in Blaugust again), I hope to focus on  lighter content and shorter, more frequent posts—and to, fingers crossed, write some of these ahead of time. This will hopefully allow me to snatch up more of those lovely Blaugchievements in the future and to stress less about the content I’m posting. 


Despite my overall lack of planning, I did, however, somehow manage to earn a few Blaugchievements this time around:


Most of the above Blaugchievements involve the basics of reading the event information, signing up, and sharing information about Blaugust, but they still count! In case you were one of the people wondering why I changed my Twitter name to read “Blaugging with Dragons” this month and didn’t already know why, now you know that I was spreading the word about my Blaugust participation. These other Blaugchievements involved sharing posts to the Blaugust Discord, of which I was already a very inactive member (my introverted self managed to do this one time), commenting on other participating blog’s posts, and writing about one of the topics from the Blaugust Prompt List page! Honestly the Blaugust Prompt List page was a godsend and I’d say most of my posts during Blaugust were inspired from those topic ideas (or from once again chatting with the spectacular Meghan. How did I ever live without her?)


I managed to acquire all of the Blaugchievements for completing posts on each weekly theme of the event, which was the main goal I set for myself starting out on this blogging adventure! So, woo! Even though I didn’t get the Platinum Blaugachievement, I am pretty happy with what I did manage to accomplish my first time signing up for this blogging extravaganza and had a blast participating in my very first BlaugustMaybe next year I’ll even manage to get someone else to join in on the fun. 



As Blaugust 2022 comes to close, I’d like to offer a final thank you to the blogging community for being so welcoming and inspiring—it was a pleasure not only seeing all of your interpretations of each weekly theme, but also reading all of your content. And my heartfelt gratitude to once again, the always wonderful Meghan (seriously, go give her blog OR her twitter a follow), for convincing me to take part in Blaugust in the first place and for being a fantastic friend and the best blogging buddy ever!


Reflecting on Blaugust 2022 - Blogging with Dragons

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2 responses to “Blaugust 2022 : A Reflection

  1. I think my brain would have melted without our brainstorming chats and generally having someone to commiserate with LOL. I’m glad we saw this thing through together, and hopefully next year we can help each other PREP EARLY.

    • SAME HERE. I couldn’t have asked for a better Blaugust buddy <333

      Honestly, we need to start prepping for Blaugust 2023 like, tomorrow xD

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