Blaugust 2022 Begins

Blaugust 2022 Begins


Imagine my surprise when I got a WordPress notification congratulating me on blogging at little old Blogging with Dragons for seven whole years. Much of these seven years, I wasn’t consistently posting and I really didn’t know what I was doing. Heck, I still don’t really know what I’m doing. I just write about things I care about and hope somebody somewhere reads it sometime and maybe if I’m lucky, likes what I wrote or relates to it on some level. 



Until recently, I really didn’t know any “someones” in the blogging community—I had no idea where to even really look for other bloggers and didn’t really feel like I was enough of a blogger to talk to others anyways. One day, Magi over at Indiecator was kind enough to reach out to me and to invite me to the Blaugust Discord server. I barely used Discord and I barely talked to other bloggers, so I worried I wasn’t really the right “fit” per se. I gave it a shot anyways and everyone in the server was incredibly gracious and welcoming as I tried to figure out, once again, what I was doing. Seeing a pattern here?



Obviously, I knew of the mystical time of year known as “Blaugust,” as after all, I was now a member of a Discord server titled after it, but I never really thought the month-long blogging extravaganza was for me. I am not an organized blogger. I’m a write-the-entire-review-the-day it needs to be posted, or the night before, or whenever I’m simply in the mood to write it. I don’t use fancy widgets or plan my entire month of posts ahead of time (unless I’m on an incredibly rare motivational streak), and I self-edit, usually multiple times, and still cringe when I reread an old review and see pesky typos or grammatical errors that I still managed to miss despite these multiple proofreads. Half the time, I feel like the biggest battle for me is figuring out what I actually want to even write about.


There’s been countless times where I’m like, “oh god, it’s post day, and I’ve got nothing.” These are dark times, when books haven’t been finished, games haven’t been beaten, and ultimately, where goals haven’t been met, or worse, where there is simply no motivation or inspiration to write about anything I’ve done. And honestly, sometimes just even thinking about content creation is enough to make me not want to, well, create it. 



This is where Blaugust comes in. Though I was initially skeptical that Blaugust was for me, the unorganized mood blogger, my dear friend Meghan over at Meghan Plays Games was infinitely encouraging. She explained to me, thankfully, that Blaugust, doesn’t require me to post every day of the month—something I know I’m not capable of—and even provides me with weekly themes and an entire list of blessed prompts. That’s an entire month where I don’t have to worry about coming up with ideas for posts! Plus, I get nifty Blaugchievements, in the spirit of old school Xbox achievements, for participating. 



And not only that, but Blaugust gives me a much needed opportunity to write outside of my comfort zone. Lately, I’ve been worried a lot about getting “stuck” in a cycle of only writing weekly book reviews and monthly wrap-ups, so I’m excited to try writing some new things. 


I hope you enjoy reading them! 


For more information on Blaugust 2022, check out this post written by Belghast.


Blaugust 2022 Begins - Blogging with Dragons

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10 responses to “Blaugust 2022 Begins

  1. Happy blogaversity, it’s quite the blogachievement for a blogdacious person such as yourself! Happy to have you on the Blaugust team this year!

  2. Happy Blogaverery! Don’t worry too much about posting every day. It’s not required! Do whatever works for you. I really like the style of your blog, and how the colors work so well together. Nicely done.

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