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Happy Halloween, everyone!


As an adult, I’ve really come to love spooky season. I love watching horror movies and playing horror games with friends, even though I’m an absolute coward. And I love that Halloween is such a low maintenance holiday! There’s no gifts to be bought and no special dishes to be prepared! It’s all about the fun and pure enjoyment of the holiday. Plus, I have an excuse to dress up my dogs.


So in the spirit of this season, I, of course, had to look for a fun Halloween book tag! I found this Halloween Creatures Book Tag at Paperbacks and Planners, and knew I had to do it!

1. WITCH — a magical character or book

A Deadly Education

Galadriel from A Deadly Education (the Scholomance) is the most recent novel with witches/sorceresses in it! My review will be coming very soon!

2. WEREWOLF — the perfect book to read at night


Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. I absolutely loved this  suspenseful and haunting gothic romance when I first read it. And I’m super excited for the new Netflix adaptation of it!

3. FRANKENSTEIN — a book that truly shocked you

Stranger Beside Me was my first dalliance into reading true crime and it was truly horrific.

4. THE DEVIL — a dark, evil character


Joe Goldberg in You. I think what makes him so terrifying is that he doesn’t see himself as a bad guy at all.

5. GRIM REAPER — a character that never should have died

Little Women

I have to go with Beth March from Little Women. It still hurts. But also I need to call out J.K. Rowling for killing Hedwig. Was that really necessary in any way shape or form? The only reason I’m not calling out A Song of Ice and Fire is because I think all of those brutal deaths were actually necessary to show that no one was safe in the game of thrones.

6. ZOMBIE — a book that made you “hungry” for more

The Bone Shard Daughter! I cannot wait to read the rest of the books in the trilogy.

7. GARGOYLE — a character that you would protect at all cost

Elizabeth Bennet from Pride & Prejudice or Jo March from Little Women. I have always looked up to these two heroines.

8. VAMPIRE — a book that sucked the life out of you

Catcher in the Rye. I know it’s a classic coming of age story, but I ardently loathe it. I hate main character Holden Caulfield and how he considers everyone a phony.

9. GHOST — a book that still haunts you

This is a bit of a funny story. As a child, I tried to read Roald Dahl’s The Witches, which is about eponymous witches who hate children and do all kinds of horrific things to them. I was so scared by the novel, but kept reading it because I liked it and wanted to know what happened despite my fear. (If this doesn’t sum up my love-hate relationship with all things horror, I don’t know what does). Finally, my mom took the novel away from me due to my nightmares. To this day, I’ve never finished the book and just looking at the cover brings it all back.

10. DEMON — a book that really scared you

Pet Semetary

Pet Semetary by Stephen King. I read this novel when I was 15. To this day, I still remember reading the book when I was home alone and the house phone ringing and screaming bloody murder.

11. SKELETON — a character you have a bone to pick with

Book Review : Harrow the Ninth - Blogging with Dragons

Harrow from Harrow the Ninth for all of her dumb decision making! Also, I couldn’t resist picking the bone necromancer for this question.

12. MUMMY — a book you would preserve throughout time

I feel like most of the novels that I would choose to preserve are already classics, such as The Great Gatsby or The Lord of the Rings. So from a purely selfish standpoint, I will choose The Way of Kings, as it is the novel that got me into reading almost exclusively fantasy novels.

13. CREEPY DOLL — a cover too scary to look at


It by Stephen King. I couldn’t even make it past the prologue of the novel. I am terrified of clowns. Literally didn’t even want to look at pictures of the cover to add to this post.




I’d love to see your answer for the Halloween Creatures Book Tag! So if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged. 🙂


I hope all of you have a spooky and Happy Halloween!


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