Chevron Blanket


 For my boyfriend’s homecoming from Basic Training and Tech School, I decided to knit him a blanket of his very own. He chose the very manly colors of navy and silver (coincidentally Air Force colors) and I got to knitting! This was a super easy project that I was able to knit while binge watching The Great Queen Seondeok on Netflix. 


I used Red Heart’s free pattern, which you can find here


I wanted a longer blanket, perfect staying warm (and snuggling), so I bought a extra few balls of Red Heart’s “Soft” yarn in addition to what the pattern called for. I had no idea how soft Red Heart yarn could actually be! But this blanket is incredibly soft and I love the details made by the increases and decreases. 


Here is a close up of the blanket.
Here is a close up of the blanket. It’s actually folded in half.


This was the biggest project I had ever done, but I was very pleased with the result! I’d definitely make another of these blankets.  It is nice and warm, but not too heavy. It made a great present and keepsake for Eric to commemorate his accomplishment. I couldn’t help but to include a picture of him with it 🙂

Air Force Colored Chevron Blanket



Posted August 7, 2015 in Knits

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