Destiny : The Game I Hate to Love

When Destiny first came out I simply didn’t understand the appeal. At heart, I am more of a sword and shield girl than a gun and space girl. Eric was disappointed that he couldn’t get me to even try playing this game with him when it first came out. Over a year and a half later, I finally gave the game a chance during its Taken King revival, with another friend. I muttered a “I don’t know about this game….”

Famous last words.

I ended up playing the game for months. I was so hooked that I didn’t even bother touching other games. It even became a running joke with friends, “We could play this other game, but Destiny!”

My favorite class is a Warlock (Stormcaller), but I originally started playing The Taken King as a Hunter (both Bladedancer and Nightstalker, but I have recently started giving Gunslinger a try). I’ve made a Titan, but unfortunately I’m starting to feel a bit burned out on Destiny for many reasons listed below.

My Warlock
My Warlock
My Baby Titan
My Baby Titan
My Hunter
My Hunter

Watch me play a Crucible match on my Stormcaller here:


Though the game is addictive, it’s EXTREMELY repetitive, and lacks certain things that everyone takes for granted in other MMOs,like trading, matchmaking, easily switching between gear sets on different characters, and more. Through the TOO many hours I’ve spent playing this game, I’ve also thought of a few solutions.

A Few Gripes I have with Destiny

The only time anyone will trade you a gun in this game is during a cutscene; there is no trading whatsoever in Destiny.
  1. No trading whatsoever. Zip. Zada. Zilch. Tell your friend to buy the game and then immediately that you can’t either TRADE or CRAFT him any decent gear to help him level.

  2. No matchmaking in Raids. LIKE REALLY? You have to completely rely on communities to fill any empty slots on your Fireteam of 6.

  3. When you do actually get matchmaking, like in a Strike (yes, there IS matchmaking in one, but not the other), there is no way for you to boot that person from the party because he’s technically not in your Fireteam. There’s nothing like doing Prison of Elders with an AFK random only for you to have no way to kick him. Instead, you’ve got to wait for him to time out, which probably won’t be until you’ve slogged your way halfway through your mission.

    No free-for-all with more than 2 of your friends.
    No free-for-all with more than 2 of your friends.
  4. No entering Free-for-All with more than 3 people. Why can’t I kill more than 2 friends in a match? Almost every other multiplayer shooter (Call of Duty, Battlefront, Uncharted) allows for a private match where you can exclusively play against your friends.

  5.  Court of Oryx can be done with up to 6 people, but you can’t enter it with more than a Fireteam of 3. Get ready to awkwardly ask a random to invite your friends to bypass this strange system.

  6. Trials of Osiris drops 260 light gear when the minimum to do any damage is about 290. It’s really not rocket science that this special arena should drop better gear, even if you don’t win 9 games in a row.

    Get used to using an entirely different device in order to effectively swap out gear between characters.
  7. Having to use a companion app or to easily switch gear. If you choose not to use the app, then you have to put your stuff in the vault and switch to the right character. God forbid you put the wrong thing in the vault, then you have to wait through another LONG load screen. I wish that Bungie had implemented something like FF14’s system, where 1 character can play every class (in this case, Hunter, Titan, and Warlock) and simply switch gear sets (and subclasses).

  8. Likewise, you must use to create a faction and invite your friends to it. Can you do anything JUST in game?

    Got four or more  friends? There’s only two things you can do–Crucible or a Raid. Boring.
  9. This game’s campaign is ridiculously hard to do alone. But you can’t do story missions with more than two friends. Seeing a pattern? Bungie makes it so that you either have too many friends or too few.

    Ranking up in Iron Banner is a royal pain.
    Ranking up in Iron Banner is a royal pain.
  10. Iron Banner ranking up only happens if you complete a bounty or WIN a match. That’s right, those 5 matches you lost in a row don’t count for anything unless you’ve completed a bounty. This makes for one frustrating grind to Rank 5, especially on more than 1 character.


Immediate Problems and Solutions

Treasure chests are lackluster.
  1. The treasure chest system. Low level planets have chests with low level gear. The chests should scale to your level instead of just dropping Relic Iron and some glimmer. And it’s even more of a buzzkill when the gold chests that are supposed to have rare gear still have garbage even when your light is at the cap.

    This is what the planet looks like in the opening cutscene, but the actual ones are quite small.
    This is what the planet looks like in the opening cutscene, but the actual ones are quite small.
  2. The planets. They’re very bland and quite small. Why not make the areas larger so that you can roll with a 6-man Fireteam. Include areas that you can only reach with max agility or better armor and have special bosses or chests in that area.


  4.  Trials of Osiris. Though this mode is already extremely tough, make it even more challenging by turning off the radar on the mini-map a la Inferno.

    Xur is usually a disappointment.
    Xur is usually a disappointment.
    And usually players are left with “3 of Coins”
  5. The exotic system:
    1. Ignoring the fact that it really stinks that your character can only have 2 pieces of exotic gear (1 weapon and 1 armor), getting the exotic you want is entirely up to chance. There are no guarantees that 1 boss will drop 1 exotic piece.
    2. Instead you have to wait for Xur to pop up once a week. If he doesn’t have what you need (he mostly likely won’t), you have to waste Strange Coins to buy an exotic that you don’t actually want in order to dismantle it for an exotic shard. This is all for the ability to upgrade the exotics that you do actually like and have.
    3. Your other option is to use Strange Coins on a “3 of coins,” an item that slightly increase your chances of an exotic dropping after a boss, the end of a Strike, Raid, or Crucible match.
    4. My solution? Have certain exotics found in gold chests on planets. Voila!

      Improve the usefulness of Supers!


  6. Supers. They are kind of boring after the initial use. Why not make them more interactive? It’d be more fun to pick up orbs of light during your super to keep it going! This would make having a Nightstalker friend, with the ability to generate a lot of orbs, very advantageous–it could even allow for more strategy and domination in a crucible match or for the ability to kill bosses in PVE more easily.

  7. Drop System: Nothing is more frustrating than playing on your 312ish light Warlock and getting 315ish light drops, only to switch to your 300ish light Hunter and get 310 drops.
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