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Another year is coming to an end, and with only a few days in December left, I figure I better do my End of the Year Book Tag for 2021 before it’s officially the new year. Last year was the first time I did this tag, and I hope to do it every year in order to reflect on my year in reading. I also do a Mid-Year Book Freakout tag in case you’re interested in comparing notes on how my End of the Year measures up. And if gaming is more your thing, checkout my End of the Year Gaming Tag. 



Have you Completed Your Goodreads Challenge?


I actually have, with even a little time to spare!


Do You Have An Autumnal Book To Transition Into The End Of The Year?


I did read a couple books specifically for Halloween, like The Hazel Wood and Certain Dark Things so I suppose those count.


Is There A New Release You’re Still Waiting For? 


I am waiting for my Barnes and Noble Special Edition of Persona 5 Mementos Mission to arrive!


What Are Three Books You Want To Read Before The End Of The Year?


I’ve only got 11 days left in December at the time of this writing, so I don’t think I’ll be pushing to read three more books before the end of the year. Sadly, I’m feeling a little burned out at this point.


Is There A Book You Think Could Still Shock You And Become Your Favorite Book Of The Year?

The Broken Sword


I was thinking it could be The Broken Sword by Poul Anderson, but I was dead wrong about that.


Have You Already Started Making Reading Plans For 2021?

I don’t plan out my reading, but my very loose plan is to get back into The Wheel of Time series and make major progress in that. This is mainly because the new Amazon show has rekindled my interest in the series. I’d also like to reread Mary Stewart’s Merlin series.



Did you meet your reading goals for 2021? And what are your goals for 2022? Let me know in the comments below.



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