Even More Webtoons I Read

If following over 10 webtoons at a time counts as having a problem, then I definitely have one. Since I like to wait for free daily updates, when I get too far in a series, it won’t let me continue reading the webtoon until there are more episodes. So what do I do while I’m waiting for these new episodes to unlock? I read even more webtoons! Here’s a look at the other webtoons I’ve begun following lately.


1. The Heiress’s Double Life

The Heiress's Double Life

Available on Tapas

Updates every Friday

Free episodes every 1 day

(* Excludes latest 6 episodes)

Rexid Van Hexen, prince of the Hexen Empire and feared defender of the border, wants to become emperor. But because his brain doesn’t even come close to his brawn, he enlists the help of “The Viper,” a notorious swindler and master of disguise. With her life on the line, The Viper must now pull off her greatest scam while posing as… Rexid’s heiress? Will the unlikely duo succeed, or will they end up being deceived themselves?


I am absolutely loving this story of revenge, subterfuge, and contracts. The female main character is a notorious criminal mastermind who seeks to aid a prince in becoming the emperor.


2. Straight to the Red Carpet

By: ppomm, POdDO

Available on Tapas 

Updates every Tuesday

Free episodes every 1 day

(* Excludes latest 6 episodes)

The first time Vedis transmigrated into the novel “Princess of Eventide,” she followed the original plot exactly for seven straight years—and lost almost everyone she loved along the way. Lucky for her, she’s been sent back to the start again along with her close friend Rosanne, the princess of Moselberg. Together, they will do everything in their power to prevent the violent rebellion and save the people they love. But when they start making different choices, what else will change? And will they discover the traitors in time?


I am only a few couple episodes into Straight to the Red Carpet, but I’m already hooked on this story of an Isekaii’d lady knight who becomes the princess’s body guard and partner in crime to save the world from the true storyline.


3. The Viridescent Tiara

By: Sarkk, binu, Siya

Available on Tapas 

Updates every Saturday

Free episodes every 1 day(* Excludes latest 16 episodes)

I was a normal grad student until I woke up in a world right out of a novel I wrote as a teen. But danger’s on the horizon—the character I became was originally destined to die AND people are out to get me! Even though this character’s past was full of villainy, I’m using my insider knowledge to survive the flame of the Azure Ring, settle debts, and make things right for the House of Latia! Can I earn the trust of the hero and get ahead in this world? Are there secrets that even I don’t know?


This webtoon features another woman taking charge of a less than ideal situation to save the male protagonist and their house from ruin.

4. I Was Tricked into this Fake Marriage

By: Pearjuice, Jade, Bak Hedam

Original Novel by: Bak Hedam

Available on Tapas 

Updates every Wednesday

Free episodes every 7 days(* Excludes latest 29 episodes)

After the Delpice Empire unifies all kingdoms with brutal subjugation, all the noblemen who stood up to the empire had to relinquish their titles. As her father’s only child, Leyrin Efran becomes a countess overnight, but to secure her family’s title and estate, legally she must be wed! She enlists info from the infamous Nine Night Guild to find a man of lower rank to keep the empire at bay. They deliver as requested (eep! he’s SO hot!), but things don’t completely seem as advertised…


I was Tricked into this Fake Marriage only updates once a week, so I don’t really entirely know what’s going on yet, but I am intrigued by how a contract marriage with a notorious killer will work.


5.The Emperor’s Partner

Assam, Lee Su Lim, Marron Pie
Available on Tappytoon, Pocket Comics
After learning that her younger sister sacrificed her own life to save hers, Shinju dies saving a child that reminds her of her lost sibling. On the brink of life and death, she pleads that if there is a god, that he may give her a chance to repay her sister one last time. Her prayers are seemingly answered when she is reborn into a new body in a new world. But before she can find her sister or even attempt to understand what happened, a strange man kisses her in front of hundreds of people.

Full disclosure, I saw an advertisement for this webtoon on Youtube, and I picked it up solely because the male lead reminded me of Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia. Unfortunately, the male lead isn’t as loveable as Yuri, but I’m hoping he’ll come around. I was very confused when I first started this webtoon, whether or not that is due to poor translation, but I think I’m starting to understand what’s going on.

What are some of your favorite webtoons? I’m always looking for more, so please let me know in the comments below which ones you’d recommend! In the meantime, check out the other webtoons I’m reading here and here.
Even More Webtoons I Read

Posted March 18, 2022 in Book Reviews, Webtoons


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