My Favorite “Problematic” Male Characters in Video Games


Yes, I’m going there; today I’m sharing my favorite “problematic” male characters in video games. Some of these characters may even be considered villains at some points, but as I’ve said before, I’m a sucker for anti-heroes, and I just can’t help but to love all of these characters.

Eizen – Tales of Berseria

Eizen Tales of Berseria


I definitely don’t think Eizen is considered as “problematic” as some of the other characters on this list, but seeing as he’s a bit merciless to the point of being known as the “Reaper” I think he still counts. Players first meet him on a pirate ship that tries to maroon the main party members. Eizen is cursed to spread bad luck to all those close to him and is slowly consumed by malevolence until he transforms into a dragon. Once a dragon, he saves the world from Lord of Calamity, but kills many people. I really grew to love Eizen for his knowledge, guidance of Laphicet and Velvet, and his quirkiness. It was really hilarious seeing this quiet man get into a full blown and heated argument over a beetle in Tales of Berseria.


Tartaglia aka “Childe” – Genshin Impact


As a member of the Fatui Harbringers, Tartaglia lives for fighting. Though he initially saves the Traveler upon their first meeting, he becomes one of the primary antagonists of the Liyue arc. He even becomes a Trounce Domain boss. Despite being extraordinarily powerful, and bloodthirsty, Tartaglia is incredibly charming. If his flirtatious rivalry with the Traveler weren’t enough to make you like him, his story quest showing him off as a big brother made it even more impossible not to like him. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s incredibly fun to play as, using two different weapons to mow down his foes.


Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd – Fire Emblem : Three Houses


Dimitri has skull crushing, psychopathic tendencies, which earned him the moniker “Boar Prince” from Felix Faldarius. A lot of the Fire Emblem fandom also calls him a “woman murder” But players saw him as a loveable, shy teenager, tormented by survivor guilt and the weight of the crown. As an adult, post timeskip, we saw him even more vulnerable and tormented by his past demons.  Though I expected not to like the Blue Lions route in Fire Emblem : Three Houses as much as that of the Black Eagles’s route, Dimitri singlehandedly proved me wrong. I definitely romanced him as female Byleth in the Azure Moon route.



Yuri Lowell – Tales of vesperia

Yuri Lowell


Tales of Vesperia was my very first Tales of game and I quickly fell in love with the series, largely in part to main character Yuri Lowell, who is definitely an antihero, and technically a murderer/vigilante. Yuri is always chill, confident, and unapologetically himself. He is not intimidated by wealth or power, and has a strong sense of justice–one that he has no problem dirtying his hands in order to keep.  At the same time, Yuri manages to be a loyal friend and a great leader who knows how to treat each member of his party.


Akechi Goro – Persona 5 Royal



Akechi Goro is my main man—I adore him. I walked into Persona 5 Royal expecting to be taken with the new female lead of the game, Sumi Yoshizawa, but Akechi and his revamped bond/social link with the protagonist totally stole the show for me. Akechi is feral, intelligent, cunning, plays the long game, and hides it all behind a pleasant guise of being the Detective Prince. I sympathize with his tragic backstory, his dedication to carry out his goals even if it makes him into a murderer, and his unlikely friendship with the leader of the Phantom Thieves, which changes his heart.




What are some of your favorite problematic characters in video games? Let me know in the comments below!



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