Final Thoughts : Immortals Fenyx Rising

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In between many games, I managed to finally beat Immortals Fenyx Rising. I certainly took my time with this game, making it my 16th ever platinum trophy. I am not too avid of a trophy hunter, choosing to acquire all the trophies for only the games that I love the most. So that should tell you just how much I loved my adventure as Fenyx as she (my character was female and will be referred to as such for the sake of this post), sets out to save not only the human race, but also the Greek Gods themselves.


Immortals Fenyx Rising is my first ever PS5 platinum trophy, and my 16th overall.


The Controls Became Easier


In my very first impressions of Immortals Fenyx Rising, I really had trouble with the controls of the game. I thought they were bizarre to the point of being unable to imagine them any other way. These same controls made it almost impossible to play other games congruently, like Genshin Impact, which has polar opposite controls. All that being said, the controls did really come second nature to me as I played the game more. The only thing that I never quite mastered was remembering all the extra bell and whistle, so to speak, attacks that I unlocked with Coins of Charon. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember how to throw my sword or axe at an enemy, and I completely forgot about charged attacks on my bow in favor of Apollo’s Arrow. I found that once I had maxed stamina, I tended to spam my Godly powers over most of the regular attacks, anyways, but pretty sure that’s not how the game was intended to be played.



Still annoyed at the Pegasi not flying



Is there anything more depressing than a mythological winged creature not flying? I thought it was such a buzzkill that these majestic mounts did not fly, or even glide, at all, especially after we got a cutscene showing the gift of the first pegasus doing both gliding and flying. I think that this quest*, and the reward of the pegasus, should have been what enabled Fenyx to fly up the mountain at the Gates of Tartarus to defeat Typhon—not just that she moved past a certain point in the story and the stamina sapping boundary was just magically removed. What a waste of having a literal god gift Fenyx one of his special, legendary pegasi to have it not even fly or play any kind of a role in the story.


I will never be over this.


Also still not over the majestic mount I randomly found after acquiring all the mounts in the game, that is apparently a glitch and not supposed to be there. I crashed my game 4 times trying to tame it. I’m still not over it. Ubisoft, why?


*Note: I believe this quest only came with the Season Pass or Gold edition. 


I hate King’s Peak


Honestly this is pretty much the only picture I have in King’s Peak, because I hated it so much. The only good parts of this area were the legendary mounts.


Never have I hated any ice area more than I hate King’s Peak. I hated the forced navigation challenges and constellation challenges, and stamina-sapping cold. I also absolutely hated having no clear path up the mountain. And frankly, King’s Peak, though not really referred to as Mount Olympus, is not anything like what I imagined the paradise home to the gods of goddesses looking like, which made me even more perpetually salty. Immortals Fenyx Rising is gorgeous, where is my jaw dropping Olympus?


Too many vaults



I have only attempted the DLC “A New God” once. Honestly the last thing I want to do after platinuming the main game is to complete more freaking vaults. No thank you, sir. After fully completing every single vault on the mainland, I didn’t even have it in me to finish the vaults on King’s Peak. There’s just too many! And they’re frustrating and repetitive too. I would’ve gladly traded the vaults for more constellation challenges, frescos, or Odysseus challenges—or literally anything else. How about mini-game challenges of Phosphor and Fenyx flying or something?


The humor never got old
This image has nothing to do with the humor of the game, I just think it’s gorgeous and that Athena has *taste.*

I may be in the minority here, but I found Immortals Fenyx Rising to be hilarious. I actually laughed out loud while playing it quite often. I loved the narration of Prometheus telling a wayward Zeus the story of Fenyx, and calling him out for his notoriously appalling behavior. And Immortals Fenyx Rising doesn’t just make fun of the Greek gods, but also itself. I loved moments where Fenyx went to confidently open a chest, only to find it harder to open than expected, and other moments where she tries to pull a Coin of Charon out of a magic portal, only to get thwacked in the face with it. I really adored that Immortals Fenyx Rising never took itself too seriously, which quite honestly is a levity much needed when dealing with the stuff of Greek tragedies.


Fenyx’s parentage confuses me



So it’s quite clear that all along the game was setting up Fenyx to be more than just a mere mortal. The character is able to utilize Zeus’s lightning, the ambrosia of the gods, and all kinds of other godly power. But what confuses me is that initially, for what feels like half a second, she’s stated to be Hermes’s daughter, only to be revealed that Zeus is actually her dad all along and that Thetis is her mother. If you know anything about Greek mythology, Thetis is sometimes considered a goddess herself, other times a sea nymph, and sometimes both. So how exactly does having two gods as parents make Fenyx a demigod and not a full god?


Likewise in mythology, Thetis is the mother of Achilles, possibly making Fenyx a half-sibling to Achilles, who is actually the original bearer of the prophecy foretelling that he would be greater than his father. In the mythology, the Gods force Thetis to marry a mortal instead of Zeus or Poseidon, who both fall in love with her, because of this prophecy that states that her son will be more powerful than his father. But Ligyron, Fenyx’s actual half-sibling in the game, who’s mother is Thetis, bears the original name of Achilles, meaning “sweet-voiced.”



I really just find this very confusing on every level. Ligyron actually made up all of his heroic acts, and Achilles exists as a separate character in the game, one who even gifts Ligyron a sword. So all I can surmise from this is that, Thetis is not the same Thetis of legend and is actually mortal, Ligyron is not Achilles, and the red herring of Hermes being Fenyx’s dad was a ploy by Prometheus to keep Zeus distracted, or something? But I really don’t understand why Achilles was included in the game at all, if Fenyx takes his place in prophecy and parentage, and her brother is just some inauthentic, poor imitation.


I didn’t like Fenyx being a demigod



I felt that the whole theme of Immortals Fenyx Rising was that the gods are just like humans, they’re selfish, chaotic, incestuous, proud, underhanded, greedy, and every other sin you can think of. Most of Prometheus’s story highlighted the worth of these mortals to Zeus through Fenyx’s actions. Don’t forget why Prometheus is chained to a rock and having his liver eaten by an eagle on the daily, it’s because he saw the worth of mortals and gave them the gift of fire, which did not make Zeus happy. But throughout Prometheus’s story, Zeus does really come to see the worth of humans through Fenyx, and even sees the error of his own capricious ways. So doesn’t making her a god or demigod, completely undermine this very theme? I don’t know what the alternative is to Fenyx becoming a godlike figure, it just didn’t work for me. The only alternatives I can think of are for Fenyx to pull a Disney’s Hercules, and choose to remain a mortal or something, or at the very least, she could have remained a liaison between humans and the Gods.


I want more Greek Gods


I want to go back *here*

At the time of this writing, it is before the new DLC release, “Myths of the Eastern Realm,” comes out and I have not played it yet. But I find it baffling that the developers have chosen to explore Eastern gods, and not more Greek gods, I really do. I would have loved to have more story quests with other infamous Freek gods, like Poseidon, Artemis, Hades, Persephone, Hecate, Apollo, or literally any other gods or goddess! I feel kind of letdown that none of these gods, some of whom are even named dropped multiple times, are included in the game. Think of how great Fenyx journeying to the underworld would be and encountering Hades and Persephone! Or think of how hilarious and fitting to the game it would be to see Hera dropping in to rip Zeus a new one for his many misdeeds. I would happily play a completely different Fenyx game in the same vein of Immortals Fenyx Rising that centered on Eastern gods, but I feel that this game has only touched the tip of the iceberg with the Greek gods they chose to center on. This is my why of saying I totally want a sequel, the Greek gods are a hot mess, I don’t think it would be too hard to get them in a situation where Fenyx had to save the day again.


The story did come full circle



Despite thinking that the mythological aspects of the game were a bit of a mess, the ending of Immortals Fenyx Rising really comes full circle. We see Fenyx proving her worth as more than a shield bearer, Zeus quitting drinking and becoming nicer to his children, Ligyron taking up the mantle of storyteller to torture Prometheus further, the Gods still fighting amongst each other–albeit but more affectionately–Zeus creating a new species of animal after resurrecting Phosphor, and naming it “phoenix” which he originally said sounded like the sound of a dying bird. It was great to see how well the story was set up at the beginning and tied all of it up, almost with a neat, too perfect bow.





Honestly, it’s bittersweet saying goodbye to my Fenyx and her brothers, sisters, loyal bird, and dead beat daddy Zeus. It’s a good thing I have Persona 5 Strikers to comfort me or I would have one hell of a game hangover after this tale came to an end.


Despite not being completely perfect, especially when it comes to its muddled portrayal of Greek mythology and its prophecies, I really adored Immortals Fenyx Rising. It was a completely cinematic experience, and I loved the game’s humor, and the way it poked fun at the gods for being completely ridiculous and similar to the humans they look down on. If you like open world, action games, with entertaining stories, look no further than Immortals Fenyx Rising. 

Final Thoughts : Immortals Fenyx Rising

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