First Impressions : Immortals Fenyx Rising

I’m sure it surprises no one at all who read my End of the Year Gaming Tag, that I picked up Immortals Fenyx Rising. In my defense, it was deeply discounted, and hello, has Greek gods!

What’s not to like? I am only a little over 5 hours in the game and I really, really like it.  After completing the Prologue, I thought I’d share a few of my very first impressions of Immortals Fenyx Rising. 


1. Assassin’s Creed meets Breath of the Wild



Action/adventure combat with parrying and multiple weapons, reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed (as it probably should be, since it’s by the same developers as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey) meets the puzzles and beautiful open world of Breath of the Wild. Somehow, this mismatch, which should probably be weird or awkward, simply works.


2. Hilarious


These are the kinds of zingers players are treated to in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Immortal Fenyx Rising embraces the melodramatic chaos of all the Greek gods wholeheartedly and ironically. I absolutely adore the narration of Fenyx’s story by Prometheus (as told to Zeus). I feared it would get annoying at first, but it never fails to make me laugh. I found myself pausing what I’m doing to better focus on this narration. It’s truly a fully cinematic experience.


3. Awkward Controls



I put the game down for like a week to play the new Genshin Impact update and had to fumble around to figure out the controls all over again when I picked it back up. Though none of the controls feel intuitive or familiar at all, I also can’t quite imagine changing them successfully in a way that makes them better. Maybe some people have pulled it off with the full button mapping, but it seems like way more trouble than it’s worth to try to change them.


4. Mount doesn’t jump


Thanks Amazon Prime for this mount.

I was thrilled that my mount could traverse water, unlike in The Elder Scrolls Online. At first this seems like a huge step up, but I soon realized that my mount cannot jump at all. It can automatically leap over some small obstacles, but there’s no way to jump across the countless gorges in the open world or anything else remotely big. However, this doesn’t mean that the player can’t jump off their mount, something I discovered the first time I tried to jump over an area. I haven’t felt like this big of a traitor since Yoshi.??


5. Using the power of the gods is so much fun


Fenyx with Zeus’s lightning.

Apollo’s Arrow is an archery enthusiast’s dream. I am loving it so much! But seriously, using all of the powers of the gods is a thrill for anyone who knows even a little bit about Greek Mythology (and for those who don’t too.) Heck, when the player unlocks the Hall of the Gods after completing the Prologue, they can use Zeus’s Bench, Aphrodite’s Beauty Chair, Hades’s River Styx Cisterns, the Forge of Hephaistos, Circe’s Cauldron, and more.


6. So much to do


There’s vaults, Odysseus challenges, constellation puzzles, and lyres. And there’s daily and weekly quests, mounts to tame, skills to unlock, ambrosia to collect, and so much more. It’s honestly a bit overwhelming how many choices I have of what to do do ?


7. fall damage


This picture was 100% taken right before I fell to my death!


Something about the power and smoothness of the gliding/flying and having the power of the Greek Gods means that I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that landings are important and that my character does, in fact, take fall damage. At least, she sure takes damage up until the point I’m in in the game.


8. Dodging is a girl’s best friend



I am not the best at staying alive in any game I play, and Immortals Fenyx Rising is no exception to this rule. Though there’s mushrooms laying around everywhere to make stamina restoring potions, health restorative Pomegranates are few and far apart. Though I feel like Fenyx has all the powers of the gods at her fingertips, the second she gets hit, I have a foot in the grave. So I am reliving my Kingdom Hearts days and dodge rolling like crazy. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I’m standing still while fighting opponents, I’m not doing it right.


9. character customization is both disappointing and pleasing



I really enjoyed creating my own heroine who can harness the powers of the Greek Gods. But I wish there had been more customization options that didn’t require microtransactions. I was also surprised that there were only two voice options–one male and one female–as the game makes it appear that there’s going to be a variety to choose from, like a typical MMORPG.

Despite not having many options for character customization, it is so nice that you can hide your helmet (I am not walking around staring at a dead lion on my character’s head) or make sets of armor look like other, more aesthetically pleasing but weaker, sets of armor.


10. this game is beautiful


Another reason I’m probably constantly dying in this game is that there is just so much to look at! The game’s graphics, even on my standard PS4, are just too gorgeous. I’m constantly rotating the camera to catch a glimpse of other temples, puzzles, or just the run of the mill mythical awesomeness that is around every corner. And I mean this quite literally, as the open world is rife with minotaurs, gorgons, harpies, and more.



If you haven’t picked up Immortals Fenyx Rising yet, I highly recommend purchasing it. And I cannot wait to delve more into the game and to see where Fenyx’s journey to save the Greek Gods takes her!


If you have played Immortals Fenyx Rising and have any tips for me, let me know in the comments below.

First Impressions : Immortals Fenyx Rising

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