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First Impressions : Scarlet Nexus - Blogging with Dragons


I have once again started playing another game, instead of finishing any of the countless others I am still playing. After playing the demo of Scarlet Nexus, I couldn’t help but to be interested in this latest RPG from Namco Bandai. As I am only on Phase 2 of the game, and have less than ten hours in the game, I thought I would share my very First Impressions of Scarlet Nexus, Kasane’s storyline.


There are no big spoilers in this post, just my general impressions of the game early on.


I like the separate storylines.


I don’t know how much they differ yet, as I’m only on my first playthrough. I wonder if the separate storylines will be as different as, say, Fire Emblem : Three Houses. I also love when video games include both a male and female protagonist to play as.


Kasane and Yuito

The two main protagonists of Scarlet Nexus are Kasane and Yuito. I really like Kasane’s social awkwardness and find it endlessly entertaining. I also think her relationship with her sister, Naomi, is pretty special. View Spoiler »


With the interaction I’ve had from my playthrough in Kasane storyline, I found Yuito to be a lot less complex, and to be the predictable goody-goody, pure-heart-of-gold male character that we see in so many JRPGs and anime. I am definitely most intrigued by where Kasane and Yuito’s dynamic ends up going, as it appears that it will become contentious in some point in the future.


world building

I really like the Science Fiction, dystopian world that Scarlet Nexus takes place in. It’s interesting seeing how society has had to up and leave cities due to an outbreak of Others and that there are  forecasts for if Others will attacking that day. Living in such a dystopian society, it’s only natural that the society idolizes the members of the OSF, and that drones follow them to report on a lot of their missions against the very creepy Others. Following members of the OSF and their careers gives the people hope and something else to focus on.


That being said, I think the world, despite looking really cool, feels quite small. This is probably due to the fact that players can just teleport throughout it right away. There’s never a need to hoof it in an open world, which makes it feel tiny and easily accessible.


Power Sharing


The power sharing between platoon members, friends, and teachers, which is known as SAS in Scarlet Nexus, is interesting. I like that Scarlet Nexus allows you to use so many different powers on top of your own abilities, which keeps battles fresh and different depending on who else is in your party. I also like that the game allows you to acquire more abilities based on how close your bond with your teammates are, which makes me feel like I’m making progress.


That being said, as someone playing on normal difficulty, I don’t feel a huge need to actually use my teammates’ powers. The extra damage from elemental reactions, like hitting an oil covered enemy with fire, just isn’t significant enough. Perhaps using these other powers makes a bigger impact in harder difficulties.


cutscenes look awful


I really hate how cutscenes look in Scarlet Nexus. They keep putting more and more faces over the original picture in the background or over other portraits of talking characters. I don’t know if this is to make the game look like a comic book or something, but it just irks me. Stop with the layering, I beg you!


Character designs


I actually really love the character designs in this game, though it is a bit of a bummer not to be able to design your own character. With all of the accessories, different hairstyles, weapons, and powers that existing characters have, it would be pretty fun to design your own. I also love that there are different outfits available for characters, at least in the Deluxe edition of the game, and that characters fidget with their gear and clothing when idle in the game. It just makes the characters feel more real to me, to see them messing around with their stuff, and I feel it’s a nice detail. I also really appreciate that Kasane’s outfit actually looks like she could fight in it! She’s not wearing high heels, or having most of her skin exposed, but instead wears sneakers and several layers.


Everyone is a trope


So far, I’m finding that every single character is a bit of an anime trope. Now I’m only in Phase 2 of the game, so characters could get more development, but so far I’m seeing more “character type” than actual “character.” We’ve got Hanabi, Yuito’s childhood friend who has a crush on the oblivious boy; Kasane Randall who is a kuudere with a massive sister complex; Yuito, who is the typical innocent Nice Guy with pure intentions and a hero complex; Tsugumi the caring, painfully shy gardener; Kyoka, who clearly wants to be “the mom” and has a penchant for lucky charms; Shiden, who is a tsundere with a huge chip on his shoulder and inferiority complex; and so on and so forth. I am hoping that as I progress throughout the game, characters will grow more, or at least reveal more of their pasts, or inner motivations, in order to force them out of these typical molds.


fast paced

Scarlet Nexus is an incredibly fast paced game. I couldn’t believe all of the things Kasane did as part of her first day in the OSF. I would’ve needed three naps to do half of that! There’s really not a lot of downtime either, except for when players get to Hideouts, and can then pick and choose a bit of what they want to do, which includes bonding missions and very basic side quests. The rest of the time, it’s follow mission orders, or mandatory deployments. It’s also incredibly easy to find items, as Kasane literally states that she detects an item nearby, so obtaining items is also pretty easy, and doesn’t requiring a lot of looking around either.



So far, I find Scarlet Nexus to be a really compelling game, with its creepy Others, beautiful soundtrack, lovely character designs, engrossing story twists, and fast paced. Though I must say, it almost doesn’t feel like a classic JRPG to me, as I haven’t really had to do any grinding, hunting for rare items, or meaty side quests. Despite feeling more like a hybrid RPG to me, I am still enjoying Scarlet Nexus a lot and I’m really interested to see where the rest of the story goes. I have already encountered one twist in the storyline I didn’t see coming, so I imagine there will be even more surprises on the horizon.


Have you played Scarlet Nexus? What are your thoughts on the Game?


First Impressions : Scarlet Nexus - Blogging with Dragons

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