Five Unique Gifts for the Dragon Lover in Your Life

Five Gifts for The Dragon Lover in Your Life - Blogging with Dragons

I looked up a bunch of unique gifts for the dragon lover in your life so that you don’t have to. Okay, let’s be honest, I already knew about all of these things and am even blessed enough to own some of them. I can say with certainty as a dragon lover, these five unique gifts will be sure to wow the dragon lover in your life.


1. Dragons and Beasties


I absolutely adore this shop and its creations. I have been a fan for years, but never managed to snag a handmade dragon, due to them selling out in minutes, until the creator introduced vinyl figures! Not only are these dragons freaking adorable, but they’re now affordable and obtainable. Plus, Dragons and Beasties has more than just figurines, they have blankets, plushies, pins, mugs, socks, bags, pouches, and so much more! It was definitely on my Christmas list year!


Here’s a glimpse of just a few of the adorable items Dragons and Beasties has to offer!

Shop: Visit Dragons and Beasties.

2. The Dragon Prince Merch

The Dragon Prince Gifts


The Dragon Prince is an amazing Netflix show  by the creators of Avatar : The Last Airbender (check out my review here), that is great for audiences of all ages. Thankfully, the show has just been renewed and will have a total of seven seasons, so there’s no better time to embrace the magic of the show! Plus, there’s tons of merchandise coming out for it, such as Funko Pops (I need to get my  hands on these), graphic novels, art books, plushies, clothes, and more.


Shop: Hot Topic and Amazon and Box Lunch


3. Spyro, Spyro, Spyro

Spyro Gifts

If you read my blog, it’s pretty evident that I’m a huge fan of the purple toasty boy, Spyro. Luckily for me and other fans, with the release of The Reignited Trilogy, (which is available on PS4, Xbox, Windows, and the Nintendo Switch), there is more merchandise than ever before for the dragon or Spyro lover in your life. There’s a Spyro carrying case for your Nintendo Switch as well as a Power A controller. There’s also Funko Pops, ugly Christmas Sweaters, bath tub toys, candles, controller holders, art books, and so much more.  If money isn’t an issue, there’s also First 4 Figures spectacular range of Spyro figures, including crystal dragons, retro spyro statues, and Reignited Statues, as well as busts.


Hear that? That’s the sound of my inner child screaming with glee (and my wallet crying out in pain)

Shop: Buy officially licensed Spyro merch at Numskull.Check out Amazon’s selection here.And check out First 4 Figures’s amazing line of Spyro figurines, here

4. Bellzi’s draggi event box

Bellzi Draggi
Am I an adult? Yes. Do I need a plushie and a box full of adorable dragons merchandise? No. But do I want it anyways? HECK YES.

This box is loaded with goodies for the dragon lover in your life and I’m honestly considering splurging and buying it for myself even though I will have to guard the cutie Draggi plushie from my doggos with my life. Here’s what all comes in this amazing box:


  •   Exclusive Enamel Pin x 1
  •   Exclusive Wood Coaster x 1
  •   Draggi Mouse Pad x 1
  •   Draggi Washi Tape x 1
  •   Draggi Stickers (A pack of 3)
  •   Draggi Folder x 1
  •   Draggi Lanyard x 1
  •   Draggi Figure Keychain x 1
  •   Draggi Sticky Note x 1
  •   Draggi Enamel Pins x 3
  •  Mini Draggi x1 (If add-on is selected)

Shop: Bellzi

5. dragon ornaments

Dragon Egg Ornaments

Quite frankly, if I knew these dragon egg ornaments (which come in a wide array of colors, might I add),  existed they would already be on my super tiny tree.  Honestly, I’m already trying to figure out how to fit these in my daily decor. Perhaps my bookshelf?


And in case the Dragon egg ornaments weren’t enough, check out these gorgeous glass dragon ornament that come in packs of three.

Shop: Get the dragon egg ornaments here

and the glass dragon ornaments here and here.



I hope you find these gift suggestions for the dragon lover in your life helpful and that you have safe and happy holidays!



Know of any other gifts that should be on this list? Let me know in the comments below!

Five Gifts for the Dragon Lover in Your Life

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5 responses to “Five Unique Gifts for the Dragon Lover in Your Life

  1. Richard Kerr

    You forget the best gift for the dragon owner: Coal, lots of it… it’s what the dragon can eat to get a hotter flame! Cheers! Rick (dragon currently on lease)

    • You’re so right! I totally should have drawn him munching on some coal. Perhaps Santa has several dragons in his employ to dispose of the leftovers…

  2. Richard Kerr

    PS There might be dragons in the Christmas mailing coming your way… not sure how long USPS will take to get there…

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