Five on Friday : 5 Webtoons I Follow

5 Webtoons I Follow


As I shared in my Subzero review, I’ve recently become rather obsessed with webtoons. I have about 5 apps on my phone dedicated to reading them, but I definitely spend the most time on Tappytoon, because it offers free daily updates to many of the webtoons. There’s just something about having a new episode to read every day that is exciting. Of course, if you can’t wait for new episodes, you can always purchase them. Here’s just 5 of the latest webtoons I’ve been patiently following, in honor of Friday.


1. Caught by the Villain

Caught by the Villain

A lifetime as a fencing prodigy prepared Eunha for her new role as Selena Evan, novel side character and daughter of a renowned swordsman. Life isn’t actually so bad after being sucked into a fictional world, but she’s doomed to meet an untimely death if she can’t escape the clutches of the villainous Prince Ignus. When Selena’s twin brother, Celestine, runs away before his military conscription, she has no choice but to enlist under his name to avoid getting her entire family executed. But hiding her identity won’t be so easy once Ignus takes note of her impressive sword skills and sets his sights on turning “Sir Celestine” into his top henchman. With the threat of execution looming over her head, can Selena avoid getting caught by the villain?


Genre: Fantasy, Romance,

ⓒ CHARA, CHA SoHee / Haksan Publishing Co.,Ltd. All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


Looking back, I can’t believe I wasn’t sure about the premise of this one, but boy was I wrong; I got sucked into Caught by the Villain in no time. This novel follows main character Eunha, who after dying a tragic death in the real world, finds herself in one of her favorite novels as a side character, Selena Evan. Selena is forced to enlist in the military and to impersonate her twin brother, after he runs off on the eve of his enlistment, in order to avoid paying a hefty fine her family can’t afford. Selena quickly catches the eye of the novel’s main villain and crown prince, Ignius, despite trying to hide her prodigal fencing skills from a past life. And if things weren’t bad enough, she soon becomes ensnared in a love triangle between the villain and the novel’s protagonist and secret half-brother, Letio. All while fighting off the literal demons of the world, and the jealousy of the other enlistees, as she climbs the social and military ladder to become Ignius’s personal guard.


I am a huge sucker for main characters getting sucked into novels apparently, so this was right up my alley. Selena is an assertive female character, who isn’t afraid to speak her mind in her quest to subvert her character’s ultimate fate of execution, if things go according to the novel. I think this manhwa/webtoon is perfect for fans of Ouran Host High School Club, as Selena is in disguise as a male knight, leaving many of the male characters confused about their feelings for her.


2. The Hopeless Desire of a Witch

The Hopeless Desire of a Witch

A charitable count offers to adopt young Kaidel into a life of nobility, and the orphan boy only has to pledge one thing in return: follow the “ember” and seek out the witch that set fire to his childhood village. Raised as a skilled fighter in a family of alchemists, Kaidel now sets out to find the white-haired witch. When he finally encounters a woman with flowing white hair, she is kind and gentle–contrary to the rumors spread by other villagers. Could the sweet Eleanor be the same witch from his nightmares? Between love and vengeance, which will Kaidel choose?


Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Mystery

ⓒHaecheong All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


The Hopeless Desire of a Witch is yet another webtoon I picked up on a whim, and became completely ensnared by. The story follows Kaidel, a young orphan and the only survivor of a tragedy in his hometown, after he is adopted into a wealthy family and tasked with solving the mystery of his childhood. In his quest, he meets Eleanor, who matches the description of the witch who burned down his home, but doesn’t seem at all capable of committing such atrocities. Though hated and feared by her fellow villagers, Kaidel can’t help but form a friendship with her. As villagers start dying, Eleanor is blamed–can Kaidel clear his name to them and to himself?


I really love the mystery of The Hopeless Desire of a Witch and I’m very curious to see how it will resolve. Kaidel has a lot of mysterious nightmares and memories of a white-haired witch, and the trauma of his village being born and being abused in his orphanage, so he can relate a lot to Eleanor’s rampant mistreatment. I also enjoy that Kaidel and Eleanor are struggling to form a trusting friendship, let alone a romance, due to their traumas. I love when stories don’t go with weak insta-love.


3. The Detective of Muiella

The Detective of Mueilla

Kate is a maid at the Baron’s estate in Muiella, a country where warlocks and witches are shunned. One day, the new servant Ian arrives- but he’s much too proper and handsome for his lowly rank. As they keep running into each other, Kate’s suspicion of Ian’s disarming demeanor only grows when strange incidents crop up in the manor. Sleuthing for the truth, the wellbeing of the estate and its residents may be at stake! Where’s a good detective when you need one?! Based on the hit novel.


Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Mystery

ⓒKiarne, Ssol. All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


The Detective of Muiella considers itself a fantasy and romance webtoon, but it’s very much a true crime, mystery story with a hint of fantasy and romance every once in awhile. The first arc of this webtoon deals with trafficking, murder, and arson, which you really wouldn’t guess from the lovey-dovey looking cover. There is also a bit of fantasy in the webtoon, with witches and magic users existing. The Detective of Muiella does focus on detectives, and a lot of the webtoon is dedicated to the various crimes they investigate. Main character Kate, is an orphan maid who doesn’t miss much, and quickly becomes tangled in the web of the disappearances and deaths at her own place of employment.


I really liked the original mystery of this webtoon, which takes place in the mansion where Kate serves as a maid, and where she also resides. I almost wish the webtoon would’ve dragged out the mystery longer, because I’m finding the current arc, a bit boring, with what the detectives are investigating now. The romance is very much a slow burn, to the point where I would even say it’s on the back-burner, so if you love mostly romantic stories, this may not be the one for you. But if true crime and mystery are your thing, look no further than The Detective of Muiella.


4. I’m the Soldiers Ex-Girlfriend

I'm the Soldier's Ex Girlfriend

Some women would kill to be the love interest of a book’s charming protagonist, but Maise Hazelnut is different! As a girl from the 21st century, she struggles to keep up the appearance of the angelic “Maise” while defying the fate laid out for her by a harem romance novel. That’s right, Maise’s boyfriend is none other than the goofy and lovable protagonist, and every woman in the book has her eyes on him. Right after she dumps him to work toward her own happy ending, Maise gets set up on a blind date with a man named Eith Lancell. She falls head over heels for Eith, but notices his strange behavior at times… Something’s weird about this devilishly handsome new beau. What could he be hiding?


Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Based on the hit novel. ⓒ Song Seorim & Ji Hyun & SETE / DAON STUDIO All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


I’m the Soldier’s Ex-Girlfriend follows another character who finds herself dropped into a novel, something that is apparently known as Isekai (I’m learning, okay?).  What I really like about this webtoon, which I just started, is how ardently Maise rejects the narrative of the novel she finds herself in. She hates being the girlfriend of the protagonist, often finding herself kidnapped in order to test his worth as a hero soldier, and quickly recognizes that she deserves better than him and his philandering ways. So rejecting their happily ever after, she unceremoniously dumps him on two occasions and sets out to grow as a person and career woman. She starts hanging out with more of her peers, creating a healthier social life, goes on a few blind dates, and meets Eith, who agrees to help her study for her new career goals. But there’s obviously a lot more to the mysterious Eith than meets the eye.


I’m more invested in Maise’s growth as a character than I am in the romance, which is really a breath of fresh air. I am excited to see where the mystery, surrounding Eith goes, and what it means for Maise’s future, however. I will definitely be keeping up with this webtoon.


5. False confessions

False Confession

“I think I’ve fallen for you.” With a single drunken confession, Renesha’s plans to live a comfortable and uneventful life were shattered. Somehow she confessed her love to the wrong man: the Grim Reaper of the Battlefield, Duke Cavert Willard! It’s the worst thing to happen to her since she woke up in this fantasy universe and discovered her divine powers. In the midst of a war with a neighboring country, Renesha must balance her duties as a healer with her feelings for two alluring knights. When romance blooms on the battlefield, who will be victorious in the battle for Renee’s heart?


Genre: Comedy, Romance

ⓒcooara, haenok. All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


False Confession is the webtoon that brought me to Tappytoon. In fact, I up and bought the series in order to read it. But beware, it’s sadly on a hiatus.


False Confessions features a character who finds herself in a novel after she is brutally murdered in her past life. Renesha, as she is now called, is taken in and raised by a less popular church, and is determined to live a simple, cushy life. Unfortunately for her, her spiritual powers are off the charts, making her more powerful than even the archbishop, and rendering her easygoing life goals impossible.  Before she knows it, Renesha is off to war as a healer, and quickly becomes the most vital healer on the field, despite lacking any physical prowess or strength, and she even performs a miracle. Unfortunately, her new importance means she is noticed by two powerful men, one the Crown Prince, and the other the notorious military commander, known as the Grim Reaper of the Battlefield. After drunkenly confessing to the Grim Reaper on accident, Renesha is afraid he will kill her if he finds out it was a mistake, so continues the ruse that she likes him. A lot of hilarity ensues, and I found myself laughing out loud so many times while reading this webtoon. I cannot wait until new episodes come out again.




Are you a fan of webtoons? What are some of your favorite webtoons?

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  1. As a fan of Greek mythology, Lore Olympus completely won me over. I’ve also been recently reading Parallel City, which has been pretty interesting so far.

    • Oooh, I’ve really been wanting to get into Lore Olympus! Glad to hear it’s good. I haven’t heard of Parallel City, I’ll have to check it out. I’ve also heard lots of good things about Tower of God too.

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