Games I Hope to Play Before the End of the Year

Games I Hope to Play Before the End of the Year - Blogging with Dragons

This year, I feel like I’m on behind on everything, but especially with reading and gaming. I can’t seem to find a balance, let alone the right balance, between reading chonky fantasy books and playing JRPGs, multiplayer games with friends, and of course, Genshin Impact too. So instead of sharing what I’m currently playing, I thought I would share what I hope to play before the end of the year to sort of hold myself accountable.

1). Persona 5 Strikers

Yes I’m still trying to beat Persona 5 Strikers in between all of the other games. ? I just finished the third jail. At first, I really didn’t like the game as much as Royal, and while I still don’t like it quite that much, the game continues to grow on me, thanks to its characters.

2). Scarlet Nexus

I was weak, and started my first playthrough of this game when it released at the end of June. So now, Scarlet Nexus is yet another game I need to find the time to finish.

3). skyward sword hD remaster

Another The Legend of Zelda game? I cannot wai.t, but I’m forcing myself to wait until I finish some of the other games I’ve started.

4). ratchet and clank : Rift Apart

I have gotten a decent way through Ratchet and Clank : Rift Apart, but I still have yet to finish it. I really am enjoying it, since it’s been years since I played a Ratchet and Clank game—I’m talking the PS2 days. I truly forgot how much fun these games are! My favorite weapon in this game is the topiary gun, which is something I never knew I needed.

5). 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim

I picked up this game because it’s a) Atlus b) sounds like it has an amazing story c) has interesting character designs and d) because it was on sale. But have I played it yet? No. This is another one I’m waiting to start playing until I get some more games completed.

6). Kena Bridge of Spirits

Kena : Bride of Spirits

I’m kind of bummed that this game got delayed because it was originally releasing on my birthday. However, I fully support developers taking extra time to perfect a finished product and to take care of their workers!

7). Trails of Cold Steel IV

I started playing this game, but quickly got annoyed with the same exact formula from Trails of Cold Steel III being present in this one too: nothing important or exciting happens until the end of a chapter. I still want to know what happens to Rean and the gang and to be prepared for Trails in the Dark (Kuro no Kiseki) comes out.

8). Spirit of the North

I’ve been putting off playing this game, even though I want to play it a lot, because I know it’s absolutely going to make me extremely emotional and will probably make me cry. Plus, I still need to go back and finish Okami. Regardless, Anything involving animals is an automatic tear inducer in my book.

9) tales of arise

This is a huge release for me. I adore Tales of games and it’s been so long since a new entry in the series has been released. I absolutely cannot wait to play Tales of Arise.


There you have it, my impossible list of games that I hope to play before the end of the year. There are even more I want to go back and finish or to replay, heaven forbid, but I’m trying to limit this list to a more conceivable level.

What games do you want to play before 2022?

Games I Hope to Play Before the End of the Year - Blogging with Dragons

Posted July 30, 2021 in Games

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