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Happy New Year’s everyone! I hope all of you had safe and happy holidays filled with things and people you love! And that 2021 is a better year for all of us!


This Christmas, Santa Claws was very good to us! He even delivered toys to my fur children! So of course I needed to share our holiday dragon haul that Santa Claws so graciously bestowed upon us. (And it’s a positively wonderful excuse to show off my babies, who are quite literally the lights of my life).



All that patience waiting for Santa Claws paid off for my boys. Santa Claws delivered Spuds and Ori their very own fire-breathing dragons! Thankfully, I was smart enough to take pictures before they had a chance to enjoy their plushies to the, ahem, fullest. At the time of this writing, green dragon is awaiting surgery (aka sewing), somehow red dragon is still kicking!


Santa Claws (my boyfriend’s dad, fellow dragon enthusiast, and #1 reader), sent our kids their very own fire breathing dragons!

Spudsy loved them so much that he didn’t want to share at first.  But being the great older brother he is, he finally relented and they were soon chasing each other around with their dragons in their mouths. Sadly, I am just not a wildlife photographer (or much of a regular one) and all of those, as well as most of Ori, (he never sits still), ended up with serious motion blur.



And the boys weren’t the only ones who got a dragon haul! I finally went on that Dragons and Beasties shopping spree! I got myself a food dragon mug (thankfully one of my mugs broke earlier this year, so I could break my mug buying ban with zero guilt), a pouch for some miscellaneous knitting supplies, some much-needed refrigerator magnets, and the newest vinyl figurine, whom I adore. And they were kind enough to throw in some pins as well!



Can I just talk about how much I adore the artwork and the stories of Dragons and Beasties as well? I can never throw out any of the packaging! Also Forever kicking myself for not giving my dragon, Kelvin, feet. I also picked up this adorable keychain of Pep, the pizza eating dragon. So. CUTE. Truly a dragon lover’s dream.


Since I stole my boyfriend Eric’s idea for a Christmas gift with my Dragons and Beasties spree (oops), he surprised me with a perfect, blue android tablet that came with a pen! As I have been drawing and/or coloring all of my dragons in Photoshop on the computer with a mouse (something that takes me far longer than I would care to admit) for years, Eric decided it was time I had a tablet.  And by god, do I love it. I am so thankful.


Here’s a sneak peak of my latest dragon drawing. I wanted to try something in a bit of a different style.

You may have noticed that there are a lot of new dragons on posts, because I have been having so much fun drawing them on my new tablet! It’s really reignited my love of drawing, something I actually had from a young age. I stopped drawing completely until I started my blog several years ago, because I got it into my head that I was bad at it. With lots of support and encouragement from my boyfriend, I started drawing again (mainly because I wanted so many dragon drawings!) I still have very much to learn, but I am having so much fun on my journey of figuring everything out. I look forward to showing you more of my art and hope to improve as time goes on!

The last things that made the holiday dragon haul really special were our “ugly” dragon Christmas sweaters. Since, I had to have the Spyro one, I insisted on getting Eric one as well. Here we are in our sweaters on New Year’s Eve. Hoping they will give us good luck for 2021 and some new game announcements for both Spyro and The Elder Scrolls. 


Did Santa Claws visit you this year and share part of his dragon haul? If so, what did he give you? Let me know in the comments below!

Holiday Dragon Haul - Blogging with Dragons

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  1. Richard Kerr

    Happy New Years!…. great pics of the dogs w/ dragons! I kinda made it into your blog vicariously… as a amatuer Santa Claws… Love you all! Papa Kerr and Mama Kerr

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