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How I Stay Motivated - Blogging with Dragons


The theme of week three of Blaugust 2022 is staying motivated, with the goal of this week to share some tips surrounding how I keep motivated and stay focused on creating content. I have been blogging for seven years now and I have to say that motivation for me is a very capricious thing. I’ve found a few ways to keep myself content creating and hopefully some of these may help you too.


Mix up the Content

The number one thing that is essential to keeping me feeling motivated is varying the types of things I’m writing about. If I constantly am writing about books and then only putting out monthly wrap-ups on the side, I get bored. The result of that is that I don’t feel like doing yet another review on the same type of entertainment. To counteract the dreaded tedium, I make purposeful choices to take in new and varied subject matter to talk about. If I stagger some K-drama and video game reviews in with the book reviews, it feels more fresh and exciting to me, which in turn keeps me writing. This type of change in content keeps my creative juice flowing and was one of the main reasons I wanted to try my hand at participating in Blaugust—to take a break from writing the same old things over and over again.


Change the Writing Process 

At this point in my blogging hobby, I have a very specific post process. I read a book, highlight constantly while reading,  or take screenshots while watching a show, but regardless of what I’m reviewing, I almost always take notes in Google Keep on my phone app, and then later move to Google Docs on my laptop in order to write my actual review. Typically, I only start writing the review once my thoughts and notes have “marinated” in my head. As with all parts of blogging, sometimes this process also feels stale to me. So I’ll change up this process as well to keep things feeling different. Sometimes I skip the note taking and go straight to writing in Google docs (crazy, I know), other times I’ll literally type my entire review on my phone in the Google Docs app instead of on my laptop (somehow, this feels more casual and relaxed to me—don’t ask me why), and other times, I’ll write in a different location than my usual spot. If that fails, I’ll change up my usual work environment somehow, whether it’s by turning on music, opening curtains, lighting that new scent in my wax melter, or doing literally anything to make the process feel somewhat shiny and new again. 


Focus on different aspects

I honestly get burned out pretty often, so another switch up that I make is by being productive in different aspects of my blog. Instead of writing and editing, which takes the most time for me, I might focus on making graphics or editing existing ones. I really don’t feel that graphic design is my strong suit (boy, my graphics have come a long way from the beginning though and I cringe to look at my old ones), so I am always thinking of ways to improve them or the general appearance of my website. I also feel that designing graphics or drawing dragons allows me to be creative in a different way than writing, which helps me to recharge that motivation. Plus, looking at a new and improved website gives me the same feeling that looking at a clean house does—a mixture of achievement, pride, and satisfaction.


Know What Works 

At this point in blogging, I mostly understand how my process and my fickle brain works—that means I have some big no-nos/boundaries that I try not to cross to ensure a measure of success, which for me simply means that I am putting out more content. These methods make me hate myself sometimes, but they work. A big one for me is that I absolutely cannot allow myself to wait to take notes on whatever I plan to review. If I don’t write down what I think after initially finishing a book, show, or video game, I will not remember those thoughts (even if I think I will remember, I definitely won’t). If I don’t take notes, I do not let myself pick up another book, show, or game until I do so. What’s more, is that I know the longer I take from writing those notes to writing the actual post, the less likely it is that I will ever write said post because I will have lost my enthusiasm for whatever I was planning to write about and moved on to the next thing. So I strive not to procrastinate at all, because I know the post won’t get written that way and then I’ll be sad that I never got around to writing it. Sad Kate = less likely to blog.


Take Breaks 

As I said above, I’ve been blogging for years, and the burnout is ✨real✨ at times. I get tired of having to always have to consciously consume new forms of content to post about, but also having to analyze this same content, write about it, and then edit it repeatedly to get ready for posting. Yes, I love blogging and it honestly keeps me sane to have a place to share my thoughts on things, but sometimes I just want to enjoy new content without discussing it. So, when I feel the burn out coming on—the lack of desire to take in content or to write—I do just that—I read books without reviewing them (just for fun reading, *GASP*, what an idea), play games without sharing First Impressions and Final Thoughts, and watch shows without grabbing screenshots. Yes, this may slow down the number of posts I get up on the blog in the short term, but I try to forgive myself for this, as in the long run, breaks actually only increase my productivity. A refreshed and happy blogger is one that wants to write!



I am an introvert through and through, but nothing motivates me quite like discussing posts or mutually loved or disliked content with other people through comments. It’s not only a lovely reminder that one’s content is being seen, but also allows me the joy of taking in other people’s perspectives and experiences. I really love when people share how they saw a certain thing and discuss why they view it in the manner they did and how they came to that conclusion—this allows me to look at things I already feel strongly about in a new way that hadn’t occurred to me before— something that excites me!


I have to say that it’s been completely vital to my success in Blaugust to have people, namely the wildly talented, hilarious, and all around lovely Meghan at Meghan Plays Games to discuss this initially overwhelming blogging event. Our conversations and sharing of ideas on theme topics, and more were not only incredibly helpful and fun, but also motivating. Not only would I have not signed up for this event without her encouragement, but without her doing Blaugust and discussing this with me, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been so enthused or successful at keeping up with my posts! So if you can find yourself a blogging buddy, by all means, do it!  



I am always looking for new ways to keep myself motivated, so what are some things that help keep you inspired and looking forward to content creation? 


How I Stay Motivated - Blogging with Dragons

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