I Returned to Animal Crossing New Horizons after 1 year


With the new update of Animal Crossing : New Horizons, and my Twitter timeline absolutely flooded with gamers returning to their islands, I put aside my deep-seated fear and dread of my villagers reprimanding me for being gone and returned to my own island after one year and five months away.


Emerging from my house and dusting off the permanent bedhead. Note the weeds.

My house was filled with cockroaches. My mailbox filled with letters. My island wasn’t too full of weeds, because it had been completely overtaken by a proliferation of nature vomit, aka flowers. Why, oh why, did I plant so many flowers?


Wanting to rip the band-aid off, I sought out my villagers. Raymond expressed doubt that I was real and that I wasn’t a ghost. A few others were just plain happy to see me. But poor, precious Flora, my favorite villager, broke my heart.



The guilt was so unbearable that I practically uninstalled the game right there and then. But instead, I persevered, vowing to make it up to her. I cleaned up my island, picking up the few scant weeds that had grown in between the overgrowth of flowers. I started diving for sea creatures, (something I had never even experienced because it had been so long since I played), so Flora would have more to look at in the museum.


Peep the velociraptor fossil in the background. Sadly, not Nessie.


And I dealt with Kapp’n’s long-winded sea shanties in the hunt for Brewster. My Flora deserved to have a delicious cup of  joe, after all. And how seriously cute and cozy is The Roost? My villagers cracked me up with their attitudes toward their new ability to go for a cup of coffee.



Shout out to the creator of my fall outfit, which features a really cute fox on the front and a fox tail on the back. Truly a must for my first time actually playing Animal Crossing : New Horizons in the fall.




And though I initially felt I didn’t need the Happy Home Designer DLC, I kept seeing all of these very cute vacation homes on the internet, and if that weren’t enough, reading that I could increase my own catalog with new items meant I could no longer resist the temptation.



Though I had initially been skeptical of the fact that I was designing vacation homes for villagers, not on my own island, boy, was I wrong. As someone who has always really enjoyed HGTV and other home decorating shows, I quickly got addicted to Happy Home Designer.  I love the whole premise of being given a dream concept for the home, and meeting it! But by far my favorite part is definitely the adorable montage of the villagers exploring their new home and reacting with joy. I cannot understate how much serotonin this little montage gives me.



And of course, even though Flora’s home outside my home is the best decorated and the biggest (I’ve never claimed to not play favorites on my island), I definitely had to give her a vacation home too. She was, thankfully, a fan of my design.


Another vacation home that I really had fun designed was for one of my other favorite villagers, Skye. She requested an art school for her home!



Though I haven’t gotten to far in the Happy Home Designer DLC—honestly my Skyrim addiction has kind of taken over my life—I did get to design a new school for the tropical island. I dug deep and put aside my hatred of high school and designed a classroom for my vacation home island residents.


How cute is Flora in her uniform?


And before I knew it, I was even fixing up my own island. I changed all of my pathways, a few of my inclines, and even got back into the dreaded terraforming. I said goodbye to some villagers who wanted to move on and greeted some new ones. I expanded my storage with Tom Nook for 500,00 bells. I was delighted to see that I could now access creator content from the convenience of my Nook Phone.



I also experienced some very odd home visits from some of my villagers. I’m looking at you, Draggo. Honestly so thankful no one has ever come into my home and had a conversation with me about my toilet from my toilet.


My villagers enjoying Turkey Day!

I also celebrated Thanksgiving with my villagers, which was pretty adorable. It also cracked me up that my island hired a professional chef to come for the event, only for it to be an actual Turkey, who enjoyed making seafood, not turkey for Thanksgiving. He even shuddered and remarked in fear about the cooking traditions in other parts of the world for the holiday. This is my kind of humor.



I also welcomed the newest members of my island, Shino and Ione. I am totally in love with Ione’s house, which is blue inside and out, and has a strong gamer aesthetic. I could live there. Also how cute is Shino in her cute little winter outfit? With Shino’s introduction to my island, I now have three peppy villagers. I can’t be stopped. If you’re wondering how I managed to get two of the newest villagers, it’s because I make my own Amiibo cards with my Android phone. I’ll let you google how to do it yourself, if you’re interested. You can also purchase Amiibo cards of specific villagers on Etsy, if you don’t want to make them yourself or bother with saving Nook Miles for all that villager hunting. Personally, I don’t really care for the disappointment, er, the thrill, of the villager hunt and would rather spend my Nook Miles on other things, so this works great for me.


Honestly, if you’re on the fence about returning to Animal Crossing : New Horizons or purchasing the DLC, go for it! I’m really glad I ventured back into the game, despite my fear of my villagers’ dismay at the absence, and I would go back and face their hurt all over again to experience all of the fun new content.


I Returned to Animal Crossing After 1 Year

Posted December 10, 2021 in Games


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