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I have a bit of a long history with Elder Scrolls Online. In fact, one of my very first gaming posts on this blog ever, and from way back in 2015, was 14 Reasons Why You Should Play Elder Scrolls Online. Somewhere along the way, I gave up the game, but the lure of dragons drew me back for the Elsweyr expansion in 2019. Now, in 2022, right after a Skyrim playthrough I’ve found myself back in Tamriel all over again.


I can not believe how much has changed in Elder Scrolls Online, and most of it for the better. There’s so many new things to do, as well as old things that have vastly improved. In the spirit of my on-going love for Elder Scrolls Online, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on my return to my favorite MMORPG ever.


New Champion Point System

Perhaps the biggest buzzkill ever to exist after logging back into your favorite MMO after three years away was having all of my skills, attributes, and champion points reset on all six of my characters. If finding all new builds and figuring out what my skills actually were times six wasn’t bad enough, the new Champion Point system sure was. I loathe the new system, even though I realize it’s not that bad and could be far worse. But I remember the old system, which did not involve unlocking a certain amount of points just so I could connect the metaphorical dot to another dot somewhere else and unlock the skill I truly want.


Item Set Collection (Aka the Sticker Book)

I cannot stress how much I love The Sticker Book. Being able to deconstruct gear, and being able to reconstruct them later or even to trasnmute their traits to the ones I desire, is absolutely life changing. I no longer have to hoard gear in precious inventory or bank space, or in chests in my empty studio apartments. After a year of grinding domains in Genshin Impact for crappy artifacts with downright disrespectful traits, the fact that I can ensure I get the pieces of gear with the sets I actually want is enough to make me never want to go back to Genshin Impact…almost.



Is my inner child who dreams of being some sort of archaeologist screaming out for attention or do I just love the thrill of finding that pesky dirt pile? I don’t know, but I sure like scrying and all of the great stuff you can get from it. It was definitely not a thing when I was playing before.


Skyshards really exist

Skyshards show up on maps now–this is not a drill. Not to sound like an old fogey talking about walking 15 miles to school in the snow (barefoot), or anything, but in my day, skyshards absolutely did not show up on the map–whether on the compass at the top of the HUB, or as a nice little marker on the zone map when missed. It is so nice to have that option.


Zone Guide

I also really love the zone guide feature that is now available. It is so convenient simply pulling up the map and hitting a button to check on my overall progress for an area. I think there was something similar back when I played before, perhaps in an achievement section in the menu, but it certainly wasn’t as streamlined and user friendly.



I was feeling a little overwhelmed when I first logged in by hearing about all these new battle arenas. I’ve since checked out both Battlegrounds and Dragonstar Arenas. Gotta say, I’m a pretty big fan of Battlegrounds, which makes a great alternative to running all over some Daedric Prince’s green earth in Cyrodil to get alliance points. I also really like being able to play on teams, which saves me the trouble of looking for a group in Cyrodil.


New Areas

Imagine my surprise when fresh off my Skyrim playthrough, I log into ESO for the first time to see that “Western Skyrim” aka Solitude is now a zone on the map! The same goes for Markarth, as “The Reach.” Plus, Northern Elsweyr definitely wasn’t there at first either. I have so many new areas to explore that I wonder how I will ever even see the half of it.


Daily crafting writs

Don’t judge my level, my master crafter already did her writs. ^^’

Another new improvement that really struck me involved daily crafting writs. The game now provides these lovely little markers telling you what to craft instead of having to memorize what pieces the writ wants you to make. And the writ also stays in the top right corner while you’re completing it. This honestly restores my faith in humanity because I can’t tell you how many times I used to make the wrong thing or had to constantly reopen my journal to figure out what the heck I was actually supposed to make only to instantly forget what I read.


I also would swear that there weren’t any enchanting or jewelry writs before, unless I was just living under a rock, and now suddenly there are. Woohoo!


New Dungeons


Holy moly, there are so many new DLC dungeons. I was shocked to even see three Pledge-givers at the Undaunted. Nothing like taking your level 20 friends into Castle Thorn on your vampire crafter mistakenly thinking it’s simply a cool looking public dungeon in a new area.  Good times? Ha, ha.


Leaving Dungeons

God bless one of my besties for continually calling me out as I always try to hoof it out of dungeons or to teleport out to one of my empty one bedroom apartments scattered across the realm. There is now an amazing feature that allows a player to simply leave the instance via the group menu. I was so happy and confused I was speechless.



So I know that Companions are now a thing in the game, as well as armorers and the like. I haven’t really looked into them yet, because I’ve been blessed with a great group of friends who adventure with me, and a father who is retired and has never stopped playing ESO.


Guild Traders

So I was initially really excited because when I went to the guild bank at the bank, there was a new search option for “Guild Store.” I thought Elder Scrolls Online was making Guild Traders obsolete and allowing players to simply search through all available listings, sort of like a market board in other MMOs. Unfortunately, a few quick searches and I realized that was not the case, with the search only allowing you to search what is up for sale in your own guild.  I guess I will have to continue teleporting from town to town to check prices at the Guild Traders.



I’ve really been having a complete blast revisiting all of my favorite places in Elder Scrolls Online and seeing all the new ones too. I swore I wouldn’t get sucked back into another MMORPG until I had played more of my other games, but here I am, completely obsessed with Elder Scrolls Online again. I’m also really looking forward to the new update coming, and was intrigued by the announcement that achievements are becoming account wide–until I learned that this excludes those pesky lore books from the Mages’ Guild. But I guess I can’t be too salty about this exception to the account wide achievements because the game has made so many wonderful improvements since I last played three years ago.


If you’re not already playing Elder Scrolls Online there’s no better time to give it a try!



Games : I Returned To Elder Scrolls Online After 3 Years - Blogging with Dragons

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