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I finally got around to knitting a baby blanket for my second niece! I swear that I do actually knit other things besides blankets and I’ll try to post some of them in the future.


Another Baby Blanket - - Knits


For this blanket, I used the same pattern as I did for my previous baby blanket, as I loved the lace effects it created, while still being relatively easy. I have to be able to read the English subtitles of my Korean Dramas while knitting, after all! The main show I watched during this project was “My Shy Boss” (review to follow 😉 )


This time, I tweaked the pattern a bit to make the stripes smaller. Instead of repeating the ripple pattern 3 times, I repeated it only 2 times, for a multiple of 8 stitches, and not 12. But you can certainly follow the pattern exactly for your own blanket.


Another Baby Blanket - - Knits

In knitting this pattern, I used a different brand of yarn this time! I used Vanna’s Choice yarn, by Lion Brand, to get the colors I needed to match my niece’s nursery. For this blanket, I used the colors, White, Eggplant, and Lime, as shown above.


Another Baby Blanket - - Knits

Despite not using a baby yarn, the blanket was super soft and extra warm! It was great to work on during the last huge blizzard of the year, as it kept me warm! Plus, I love working with Vanna’s Choice, it easily slides across my needles and comes it thankfully comes in so many colors! I was unable to find any baby yarns in these types of shades–most are pastel colors–so Vanna definitely came to the rescue.


Let me know what your favorite types of yarn and patterns are in the comments below!

Another Baby Blanket - - Knits

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