Knits: Baby Boy Blanket

Baby blankets are in high demand; it seems like there is always somebody having a baby! In fact, I am already working on another one! Crazy, right? I’ll get my knitted dragon finished eventually….


Baby Boy Blanket - - Knitting Pattern


I used the same lovely pattern from Red Heart. I just love the how delicate and complicated the finished result looks, even though it’s super easy! But this time around, I knit the blanket with a bit of my own twist to incorporate the different colors that the parents were using in their baby boy’s nursery.


Baby Boy Blanket - - Knitting
The yarns I used for this blanket.

To get the colors in the right shade, I ended up using several different types of yarn. I used Stitch Studio by Nicole: Storybook Lullaby in Mint and Koala Gray. I also used Bernat Softee Baby in White, and Red Heart: Fashion Soft in Navy. For your blanket to look like mine, you will need 1 ball of Mint, Koala Grey, and White, but 2 balls of Navy (as the Navy was to be the focal color). I found all of these yarns at my local A.C.Moore and knit them on 36 inch circular needles; US Size 6. With these light weight yarns and these sized needles, the project took a bit longer than my previous blankets with this pattern, but really came out looking delicate and beautiful.


Baby Boy Blanket - - Knitting
The border of the blanket.


After knitting the 5 garter stitch rows for the grey border, I joined the navy yarn and knit for 17 1/2 inches. Then, I switched to the white yarn, continuing in the rippled lace pattern. After 4 inches in white, I knit 21/2 inch stripes in garter stitch, to really make the stripes stand out against the lace ripples. I continued this for 3 stripes, and then switched back to the navy yarn for another 17 1/2 inches, and finishing with a gray border, for a symmetrical appearance. You could definitely vary the colors and stripe width depending on personal preferences!


Baby Boy Blanket - - Knits


I’ve done variations of this pattern 3 times now, (you can see how these previous blankets turned out here and here), and have realized that joining new balls of yarn regularly (just starting to knit with new ball of yarn and weaving in the ends), does often not hold up as well for babies and repeat washing, no matter how well the strands are woven in. Nobody likes seeing woven ends sticking out. So for this blanket, I used the magic knot technique (learn about why you should consider using it and how to do it here) to join new balls of yarn. I think this will really create a sturdier join and hold up nicely. After all, baby blankets are supposed to be keepsakes to treasure, and if they don’t stay together, what’s the point? Plus, with this joining technique I don’t have to weave in all of those pesky ends 😉 



Here is the pattern:


Knits: Baby Boy Blanket
Cuisine: Knitting
Author: Blogging with Dragons
This pattern originally from Red Heart and is available for free on their website here:
  • 1 ball Stitch Studio by Nicole : Storybook Lullaby – Koala Gray
  • 1 ball Stitch Studio by Nicole : Storybook Lullaby Mint
  • 1 Bernat Baby Softee – White
  • 2 balls Red Heart Fashion Soft – Navy
  • 1 pair 36″ circular knitting needles, size 6
  1. Do NOT join ends, instead working back and forth regularly.
  2. For the ripple pattern, you will: Row 1: Knit across row. Row 2: Purl across row.Row 3: *(K2tog) twice, (yo, K1) 4 times,(K2tog) twice*, repeat from * to end. Row 4: Knit across row. Repeat Rows 1-4 for Ripple Pattern.
  3. Continue ripple pattern for 17 1/2 inches in navy (about 1 skein of yarn). Join white and continue ripple pattern for 4 inches. Join ball of Mint and continue in garter stitch for 2 1/2 inches, ending on WS, to create stripe. Join ball of white on RS and continue ripple pattern for 4 inches. Next, join gray yarn and continue in garter stitch for 2 1/2 inches.
  4. Again, join white yarn and continue alternating colors until you have reached the desired number of stripes, ending with the same color stripe you began with and another 4 inches of white in Ripple pattern.
  5. Finally, join navy yarn and continue in ripple pattern for 17 1/2 inches in Ripple pattern. End with 5 rows of Garter Stitch. Bind off.


Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!



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