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It is a truth universally acknowledged that I am always cold. And unfortunately, I live in Pennsylvania, which has its share of rough winters. The only bright side of these freezing temperatures is that I get to knit a lot of cold weather clothes and accessories. This year, I decided enough was enough, and I wanted to knit the biggest, warmest cowl I could find for taking my dogs outside in the cold temperatures. Luckily, I found this pattern by PiperPurls on Etsy, that fit the bill! Plus, it was inspired by the show Outlander, which is based on the beloved series by Diana Gabaldon.


Outlander Cowl Pattern by Piper Purls


So even though I’ve only read the first book in the Outlander series, I really loved it.  I do have future plans to read the rest of the series as well one of these days. I mean, what could be better than a knitting project with literary inspiration? I used two balls of Lion Brand Yarn’s Thick & Quick Wool-Ease on the biggest sized needles I’ve ever used in my life, size US 50.



At  first, it was a little awkward getting used to the huge wooden needles I bought. And my puppy definitely thought they were sticks. I probably should have bought plastic ones, as the wooden needles were actually a bit heavy. But I adjusted fairly quickly, and soon my needles were flying along like normal. Though the pattern called for loose knit stitches, I am a notoriously tight knitter. And as I didn’t want any warm air escaping into the cold, I definitely kept my stitches purposefully tight. Despite not having quite the same loose look as the original, I am absolutely thrilled with this luxuriously soft and warm cowl.


Here I am in my finished Outlander Cowl.

Despite the cowl being so oversized (I simply couldn’t capture all of it in a selfie, which was why I tried to take pictures from different angles, but alas I am just not a photographer), it still fits under my winter coat just fine and doesn’t get in the way of my mask! Woohoo! I can’t get over how soft and warm it is, which helps me hate taking the dogs outside in the winter a little less.


In the above pictures, I am wearing the cowl wrapped around me twice. It is actually an incredibly long infinity scarf and can be worn in that manner as well, or even wrapped around the shoulders, like a shawl. So it’s basically three whole looks in one.


Really wishing I had one of those busts/mannequins for these pictures.

This cowl knit up faster than any project I’ve made in my life—no kidding. It would be a wonderful first pattern for beginners, or a fun, quick, and simple project for more advanced knitters. Regardless, it’s an amazing cowl for my fellow weary cold-sufferers and for Outlander fans. I can’t recommend purchasing the pattern enough.


PiperPurls Shop on Etsy


The pattern itself for the Outlander Cowl will only set you back $3.50 and is available for digital download immediately at PiperPurls on Etsy. And for those of you that love the look of this cowl or other Outlander inspired hand-knits, but can’t knit or don’t want to, the shop also offers the opportunity to buy them already knit!


I’m already (wistfully) thinking of making these in different colors. But first, I’ll be tackling a beanie to match my Outlander cowl and another, different cowl as a gift. Stay warm, everyone!

Knits : Outlander Cowl - Blogging with Dragons

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  1. CC Breton

    This is so cool! It looks awesome and must have been fun to do. Also, those knitting needles are HUGE – lol.

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