Knits: Raccoon and Tiger Plushies

Way back in Christmas of last year, before all the chaos of 2020, I knitted two plushies as presents for friends–a raccoon and a tiger! Then, I never got around to posting about them, but it’s still July, so I figured a Christmas post in July wouldn’t hurt. I’m also happy to finally post a knitting project that is not a blanket! I was pretty burned out on knitting after all those baby blankets…


Knits : Raccoon and Tiger Plushies - Blogging with Dragons


The name of the pattern is “Amigurumi Raccoon Knitting Pattern” and I purchased it from CraftyAlienStudio on Etsy. I was really excited because normally patterns for plushies seem to be almost exclusively for crocheters, but other than making a basic chain, I can’t crochet! CraftyAlienStudio has both crochet and knitting patterns, and sewing patterns for that matter too, so don’t despair if you can’t knit! All of the shop’s patterns are adorable too, so check them out! Plus it was super convenient, as the $4 pattern was an instant download, so I had it right away and without a trip to the store to buy a pattern book. A must during the times of this pandemic.


Sadly, I don’t have any progress pictures. When I was knitting the raccoon and tiger plushies, I was completing physical therapy after knee surgery. So I wasn’t up and about much for a while. Shout out to my mom for actually taking the pictures of the finished projects, as I couldn’t quite balance on crutches and take photos.


Knits: Raccoon and Tiger Plushie
Knits : Raccoon and Tiger Plushies


And the pattern was worth every freaking penny. This was my first time successfully finishing knitted plushies. I have attempted to make a knit dragon plushie before, but ran into trouble with the pattern I had purchased from someone on Ravelry and ran out of motivation. (I have a very strange knitted blue body, resembling a voodoo doll–and completely without arms and legs–in my craft drawer still waiting to be turned into a dragon one day…) But I didn’t have any problems reading CraftyAlienStudio’s pattern at all! The four page pattern has pictures, diagrams, and clear instructions on how to make your adorable little plushie. I even managed to use double pointed needles successfully–something I’ve only done with the top of hats.


Knits : Raccoon and Tiger Plushies
Here you can see a bit more of the differences between the shapes of the raccoon and tiger.


I completely followed the pattern for the raccoon. I used the same yarn type for both projects, Vanna’s Choice, which as always, was a delight with which to work. For the tiger, which I knitted second, I just switched up the colors of the yarn and felt, and varied the sizes of the ears and tails.  In retrospect, I wish I had made the ears for the tiger plushie a bit rounder on the top, and perhaps gone with my initial idea of a white belly for him–but I was afraid he wouldn’t look like a tiger. Clearly I don’t have CraftyAlienStudio’s expertise. Luckily, the person who was gifted the tiger was pretty happy with him regardless of my, we’ll call them, design decisions. 


Knits : Raccoon and Tiger Plushie
Knits : Raccoon and Tiger Plushies


The projects were very time consuming, but the end results were totally worth it! Also, I definitely knitted the second plushie faster, despite deviating from the pattern a bit. If you are making these adorable creatures as a gift, give yourself plenty of time to get them completed without rushing and hurting your hands. I ended up shipping mine out pretty dang close to Christmas, ha ha.


If you are looking to make any kind of handmade gift, don’t hesitate to look up CraftyAlienStudio’s Etsy shop. I’m already considering making more plushies for myself and I’ve got my eye on the fox and owl knitting patterns.


What projects are you working on?



Knits : Raccoon and Tiger Plushie

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  1. Richard Kerr

    Good work! Looks cool! I also love the sketch of the “Yorkian-Blue, Knitting-Dragon” at the end of your post!

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