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One would think I’d learned my lesson from my last decision to make a bunch of knitting machine pumpkins as gifts for friends and family, but of course not. For the holidays, I decided to start a new, more ambitious project, knitting machine gnomes. I would go on to make 24. Whole. Gnomes. Because why give one gnome, when someone could have a pair? It was, as my friend Meghan aptly dubbed it, Gnome-aggedon.


Like all of my knitting machine projects so far, my journey began on Etsy. I found a pattern for these adorable knitting machine gnomes at Klaudia’s Krafty Korner. The pattern was digital, so I was able to download it and figure out what supplies I needed right away. Thankfully, this pattern was filled with a ton of step-by-step pictures and easy to follow instructions. I can’t recommend purchasing from this shop enough.



I found that my favorite type of yarn for this project was once again, Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn. Though I did try other brands of yarns, the I Love This Yarn had just the right amount of weight and stiffness to it, which ensured that the finished gnome could remain upright. Other, softer yarns rendered the gnomes less able to hold their own weight and they quickly became the gnome version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


Another reason I really liked the I Love This Yarn was because it came in metallic varieties. This added a lot of holiday cheer to my gnomes, especially when combined with the tinsel pre-cut beards I purchased from the Etsy shop HomeSweetGnomeShop. This is another absolutely phenomenal shop on Etsy. They not only sell a huge variety of beards in all kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes, but also sell actual handmade—not knitted, like the ones I made, but sewn—gnomes, in case you don’t want to make your own, but still want to give the gift of gnomes.




For the rest of the materials for my gnomes, I purchased round, roughly four inch wooden coasters from Hobby Lobby and Michael’s to give the gnomes a stand on which to sit. I also picked up some four cm felt balls from the Etsy shop, FeltBallRugUsa.  I couldn’t find any felt balls this size in my local craft stores, so I was relieved to find some online. I don’t buy a lot of felt in which to compare these felt balls, but I was really pleased with the quality of these I purchased from FeltBallRugUSA—they made the perfect noses for my gnomes!



Even though the pattern clearly stated the size of these finished gnomes, I was still surprised at how big my gnomes ended up actually being. On average, mine ended up being around ten inches, with some getting a bit taller when my row counter on my knitting machine messed up. I had to keep them on my bookshelf in order to keep them away from my very interested dogs and you can see in the pictures below that some of the gnomes could barely squeeze in there.


It was super fun seeing all of the different shapes and sizes of these gnomes—some of them were shorter and plumper and others were taller and skinnier. Adding embellishments to them, such as buttons, snowflakes, stars, or holly leaves, helped to keep things feeling fresh too. For my family members, I brought a bunch of different gnome accessories from which they could choose to personalize their gnomes to their liking. I also started switching up the color of the pom poms for further pizazz.


Here’s a look at some more of my gifted gnomes.

Each gnome took me anywhere from four to six hours with my knitting machine, a device I am so thankful for, as I absolutely could not imagine making these by hand. In the beginning, when I was first figuring these all out, it took me a bit longer. I can honestly say that I have thankfully not knit a single thing since December’s Gnome-aggedon.


Photo credit to my sister, Amanda, who took this gorgeous picture of one of the gnomes I made her with her holiday decorations.


At this point, I’m not sure I’ll ever work up the motivation to make any more gnomes (at least not for a very, very long time), I did initially have a really fun time making them. Sadly, I’m just not one for making a bunch of things under the pressure of a deadline, but they were a huge hit as gifts, which made it (mostly) all worth it.


If you have any interest in making your own gnomes, I highly recommend checking out the pattern at Klaudia’s Krafty Korner.



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