Monthly Wrap-up : August 2022


Now that Blaugust is (thankfully) over and September is here, it’s time to look back on the month of August and to see what little I got accomplished! Let’s get into last month’s wrap-up.


Wrap-up: games

So this month, the main games I stuck to were once more Animal Crossing and Dead by Daylight. Though I was trying to get through my birthday month with as little attention as possible, my wonderful friends actually threw me the most incredible birthday party on Animal Crossing, complete with fireworks, customized gifts, and a celebration. This, of course, had me bursting into tears and ugly crying. Check out this thread for pics:


Another dear (and incredibly thoughtful) friend Garrett, surprised me with an absolutely adorable video game for my Switch called, Grow: Song of the Evertree. This game is so cute and filled with humor reminiscent of Spyro’s and pearls of silly wisdom like, “if you don’t eat, you don’t have to do dishes,” and I cannot wait to actually have time to sit down and play more of it because I already love it with every fiber of my being. Thank you again, Garrett!



On the other side of the gaming spectrum, my very optimistic boyfriend and ever encouraging friend Meghan finally convinced me to play Elden Ring with them, so I’ve been giving that a very reluctant and scared try here and there with varying levels of success. But at least I have a pretty dope hat and look fabulous while getting my butt completely kicked.


I also managed to finish my second playthrough of Fire Emblem Warriors : Three Hopes (which I forgot to picture above), and started my final playthrough of the game on the Black Eagles Route. I was very displeased with the storyline of the Blue Lions (normally my favorite of the Three Houses) in this game and have a post coming soon on that topic.


And at the very end of August Project W finally released on Dead by Daylight, so I have been reliving my glory days from Resident Evil 5 on this game, which I actually played several times and even managed to platinum, by getting my wrecked by Wesker.



Wrap-up: Shows

Nothing says I have eclectic taste quite like these two pictures.

I have really not had time to watch much this month, outside of the K-drama Crazy Love, which was my first K-drama review in two years! I know the final season of Locke & Key released on Netflix and I am so pumped to watch this, but I haven’t actually sat down to do it yet, because I know I will probably end up wanting to binge it. I have, however, been thoroughly enjoying House of the Dragon on HBO. This is the first time I’ve actually had HBO when a new season of Game of Thrones was out, so it’s been really fun experiencing it first hand. Please look forward to a post on my thoughts on the show in the near future!


Wrap-up: Books

Well, something had to give during Blaugust and it was definitely my reading. I only successfully completed two books total in the month of August. RIP my Goodreads challenge, I hardly knew you. The two books I managed to read were The Atlas Six and The Luminaries, so look for these reviews coming soon! Though I did start reading The Notorious Sorcerer, I have not finished this ARC as of yet, so I have not included it. But look for me trying to jam as many books as humanly possible into the month of September.


Wrap-up: Knits

A look at my knitting machine and some work in progress.

For my birthday, I bought myself a Sentro Knitting Machine.  As much as I love hand-knitting, as someone with lupus and fibromyalgia, my wrists and hands get really sore after persistent or long knitting by hand sessions. This soreness then gets in the way of more knitting, gaming, holding open books, typing, and literally anything that uses my hands, so I really wanted to give a knitting machine a try as an alternative. Lo and behold, I absolutely love it! I have been making knitted pumpkins on my machine as fun fall gifts for friends and family. I hope to make a post on these pumpkins in the near future too!


the month ahead

In September, I hope to read lots more books, knit more pumpkins, finally sit down to watch Locke & Key, continue watching House of Dragon, and to get some more single player gaming time in as well. Heck, maybe I can even finish redesigning my Animal Crossing island.



What were you up to in the month of August? What are your goals for September?


Monthly Wrap-Up: August 2022 - Blogging with Dragons

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