Monthly Wrap-Up : December 2021


I have almost made it through my least favorite month of the year, December! Unfortunately, I am someone that finds the holidays incredibly hectic and draining, so I didn’t get quite as much accomplished with gaming and reading this month, as you’ll see in this wrap-up. Hopefully now that all of the shopping, cooking, and planning are behind me, I will have more energy to dedicate to my hobbies once more!


Wrap-Up : Games


The mainstays of my gaming this month were definitely Skyrim, Genshin Impact, and Minecraft. I also picked up Among Us for Playstation, as playing games on mobile is not my favorite, and also tried out Season 2 of Tribes of Midgard.


Genshin Impact :

The biggest thing I have accomplished in Genshin Impact this month is that I finally worked on my Amber. I’ve loved the character of Amber since I picked up the game at launch, but never got around to building her. I now have her to level 90, with maxed Wanderer’s Troupe artifacts, as well as each of her talents leveled to level 7 or 8, and with a R5 Hamayumi bow. I also switched my Jean to a physical build, as I have her Aquila Favonia. Sadly, I’m really experiencing burn out on this game and am now taking a break until 2.4 comes out on January 5th.


Skyrim : Anniversary Edition :

After setting my Smithing to Legendary, I’m focusing on my Enchanting and Alchemy with new vigor. I also finished the College of Winterhold’s quest and met Paarthurnax. I am trying to stretch out all the “main” quests to stay invested, but I may not be able to resist confronting Alduin or joining the Dawnguard for much longer.


Minecraft – Caves and Cliffs update :

My friends and I have made two different realms to try out the Caves and Cliffs update on Minecraft. Our first realm ended up being super glitchy, with our stuff despawning and our cursors not moving properly, so we finally broke and started over. We are finding as a whole that cliffs and caves has really changed a lot of our experience on Minecraft, with Netherwart being impossible to find, and things like iron appearing at different coordinates.


Among Us:

I picked up Among Us on PSN and I am a big fan of not having to play it on mobile. It is a bit of a drag typing on the controller to communicate, but the game has a lot of statements and questions already typed for you to choose from, which is very convenient. I also love the ease of just inviting my friends on PSN and not having to read each other the code 50 times aloud.


Tribes of Midgard – Season 2  – Serpent Saga:

I played a full game of season two of Tribes of Midgard, and the other players defeated the Serpent while my friends and I were guarding the village. A bit of a bummer that we didn’t actually get to see the Serpent because we were being responsible. We did, however, make sure we got to fight the new form of Fenrir, Wolfmancer, which was challenging. And I picked up my adorable goat pet for the Yulidays, with which I am very delighted.


Wrap-up: Movies and Shows

December was filled with fantasy movies and shows for me! I watched the end of season one  of The Wheel of Time, watched the extended versions of The Lord of the Rings movies, and started watching season two of The Witcher.


The Wheel of Time :

I was really surprised by how different the ending to Season One was to the book. It wasn’t bad, but as a whole, I really prefer the book series, at least from what I remember of it.


The Lord of the Rings – Extended Version :

I had actually never seen the extended version of The Lord of the Rings movies until I binge watched them on Christmas and the day after. I really love these movies, and I bawl like a baby at The Fellowship of the Rings every time. The extended versions were really great, and I don’t think I’ll be going back to the theatrical versions anytime soon.


The Witcher – Season Two :

Gosh, do I just love this show. But mostly, I really love Yennefer. Whether it’s in the show, the books, or the game, I just adore her character. I am also really enjoying watching Ciri training as a Witcher, and seeing more of Geralt as her father figure.


Wrap-up : Books


I really wanted to hit my Goodreads challenge this year, and as I found myself faced with needing to read seven books in December to meet it, I read a lot of novellas this month. I finished the entirety of Stephanie Burgiss’s Harwood Spellbook series, which were all fun and light reads. Surprisingly, I also flew through In a Holidaze, but barely made it through The Broken Sword. At the very end of the month, I’ve also started rereading The Eye of the World at a leisurely pace. I was previously feeling the pressure to hit my challenge before the end of the month, and to read and review fast, so can now having successfully met my challenge, I can take it a bit easier, which is lovely.


Looking to january 2022

Well, as I predicted in last month’s wrap-up, watching The Witcher  has given me the urge to replay The Witcher 3 and read the books again. But I’ve also started rereading The Wheel of Time (I’ve only ever read the first two books in the series)so I guess we will see how well I managed to balance these two series in the year ahead. I also have to finish my playthrough of Skyrim before I move onto other single player games.



How was your December? Did you get a lot accomplished?


Monthly Wrap-up: December 2021

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