Monthly Wrap-up : January 2022


I know the month of January is almost over, but it still feels so strange to write “2022” as the year. Looking back at my monthly wrap-up from December 2021, I realize that as usual, my month has not gone exactly according to plan. Though I did finally finish my playthrough of Skyrim, a little game called Elders Scrolls Online has completely taken over my life again, and as such gaming is the main thing I’ve accomplished this month.


Wrap-up: Games


Skyrim : Anniversary Edition :

Ten Years Later, I finally got my platinum from Skyrim. It was a really bittersweet experience, as I enjoyed my playthrough, which was really a long time coming, but found myself feeling bogged down by all the glitches.


Tribes of Midgard : Serpent Saga :

Woo, I finally got to defeat the great serpent in Tribes of Midgard! And apparently, I’ve also defeated Fenrir 10 times, as I unlocked the cute little wolf pup pet.


Genshin Impact :

Though I started off the month dutifully logging in daily to do my commissions and to collect my Welkin Moon, I found I just no longer want to play Genshin. I’m completely burned out. I’m sure I’ll go back to the game eventually, but honestly my wallet is better off from taking the break.


Overwatch :

I haven’t checked out the Lunar New Year event as of yet, but I did play quite a bit during the winter event.


The Elder Scrolls Online :

Well, it’s finally happened–I have returned to my favorite MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online. It only took me three years. I’m definitely already addicted and don’t want to play anything else. Am I even playing an MMO if it hasn’t completely taken over my life? There’s so much new content for me to enjoy since the last I played during the Elsweyr expansion.


Wrap-up : Movies and shows

So I guess December was my big watching shows month, because I honestly haven’t watched a single movie or show this month! The only thing I’ve watched is some of my true crime Youtubers and K-pop performances.


Wrap-up : Books


So honestly, my reading has taken a hit this month. I burned myself out trying to reach my Goodreads challenge for 2021 in December, and this month, my obsession for The Elder Scrolls Online is making it even harder to keep up with my reading goals. I need to work on my discipline! I’m currently rereading the second book in The Wheel of Time series, The Great Hunt. It takes me so long to read these Wheel of Time books that I may need to reevaluate my goal of reading the entire series this year on top of other books.


It was definitely fun to follow up the two disappointing (in my opinion) reads of Iron Widow and City of Lies with one of my favorite reads from my childhood, The Two Princesses of Bamarre. Look for that review coming on Tuesday!


Looking to february 2022

I am hoping to make progress with The Wheel of Time series, first and foremost. After reading and being disappointed with City of Lies, I also kind of want to reread Poison Study and to review it for the first time. Realistically, I’m probably not going to get much accomplished besides reading and playing The Elder Scrolls Online.



What did you do this month? Have you met any of your goals for the new year yet?



Monthly Wrap-Up : January 2022 - Blogging with Dragons

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