Monthly Wrap-Up : June 2022


I know it’s already the first week in July, and I definitely had to go back and edit my graphics to reflect that this post is for June, but I’m finally getting to last month’s wrap-up. Better late than never, right? I had to push back my Monthly Wrap-Up post in order to complete this year’s Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag because it’s tradition and a girl has to have her priorities.


Wrap-Up : Games

Games Played in June 2022

So in June, instead of trying a bajillion different PC games, I’ve mostly played a lot of the same games as usual, with an exception or two here and there.


Dead by Daylight :

June was the sixth anniversary of Dead by Daylight, so there were heaps of extra rewards for playing during this time period. I played so much Dead by Daylight last month that I’m actually pretty sick of it right now and am taking a respectful break.


Fortnite :

My friends talked me into downloading Fornite with the news that there was now a zero build mode. I haven’t played a Battle Royale since Spellbreak, which I really loved and am sad is shutting down. Fortnite is pretty fun and you definitely can’t beat all of the customization options in the game—not many other video games out there that support players being a banana.


Fire Emblem Warriors – Three hopes :

I was absolutely obsessed with Fire Emblem : Three Houses back in the day, but I was uncertain if I would like this new entry in the series, as it’s musou game. I’m really not that big of a fan of musuo games, and the only one I’ve ever successfully played to completion is Persona 5 Strikers. So with a little skepticism, I tried the demo on the Switch and found to my surprise, that I really loved the battle system and this alternative storytelling of the original game. I am loving it and playing both a Golden Deer route and a Black Eagle route simultaneously.  Of course, I’m saving my favorite house, Blue Lions, for last.


Sun Haven :

I still played the heck out of Sun Haven in June, but I have sadly reached what I will tentatively call the end of the game. I’m at the part where I need to complete altars for the View Spoiler »  and it’s just so much work. These altars are very similar to the community center bundles in Stardew Valley, but I think more challenging. Since there are so many skill trees in Sun Haven completing these altars requires players to have a lot of skill trees very leveled. I am simply not high enough leveled in most skill trees to do what is required, and as completing the altars leads to a final confrontation with no real conclusion to this early access game, I haven’t been incredibly motivated to finish my playthrough. I don’t want the game to end on such an unsatisfying note!


Phasmophobia :

I am still constantly coming back to this nightmare of a ghost-investigating game. I don’t know how anyone ever plays this game alone. I’ve recently suckered my poor and innocent (but  amazing) friend Meghan over @meghanplaysgames into playing this terrifying game with me. It’s always fun to hear her hot takes on things and Phasmophobia is certainly no exception. Go check out her blog and follow her on twitter too.


Wrap- Up : Movies and tv

So June looks a lot like—okay, exactly like—my Monthly Wrap : Up for May 2022. I had to watch the conclusion to Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Volume 2 of Stranger Things Season 4. You may wish to skip this section if you have not caught up on these shows, as spoilers are ahead. Major spoilers are marked.


Obi-Wan Kenobi :

With its final two episodes, Obi-Wan Kenobi has undoubtedly surpassed The Mandalorian as my favorite new Disney+ Star Wars show. As someone who was a senior in high school when Revenge of the Sith originally released, the last of the prequels definitely made an impact on me and probably had a role in starting my life-long love affair with a good villain arc. So, it absolutely spoke to my inner fan girl to see Darth Vader, formerly Anakin Skywalker, and his master, Obi-Wan face off again in this series. I thought the emotional conflict that these two characters had not only with each other, but also with themselves, was handled with such aplomb. And I ask, where in God’s name were these writers for The Rise of Skywalker, huhI am also more convinced than ever before that Princess-effing-Leia would not let her son, Ben Solo, turn to the dark side, let alone just up and die.


Stranger Things S4, Vol. 2:

So, I have a lot of mixed feelings about Volume 2 of Stranger Things Season 4. Most of these feelings involve frustration for what I feel is rampant regressed character development. Viewers witness: Eleven relying on Mike for validation and power ups, despite learning in Season 3 that there is more to life than boys; Steve and Nancy revisiting their romance; Jonathan becoming virtually nothing but an unmotivated stoner who doesn’t treat Nancy right; Robin transforming from the sarcastic and cynical girl to a frantically rambling mess and comedic relief; Mike not existing outside of being Eleven’s boyfriend and being a horrendous friend to Will.


Like In Vol. 1, I was perpetually bored by the Russian storyline. During these very long episodes, I often walked up and went to the bathroom or got myself a drink without pausing during the part of the show taking place in Russia. The only thing that had me invested in the California storyline was poor Will Beyers, who continues to get mistreated, and is clearly in trouble in Season 5. 


View Spoiler »


Despite what I think are some major writing and character development issues, I think that the acting in Stranger Things 4 was absolutely phenomenal. In Volume 2, Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin made me burst into tears with one lip quiver. Likewise, Noah Schnapp as Will Beyers could literally convince me of anything. Other cast members, such as Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson, Sadie Sink as Max Mayfield, Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclar also provided standout performances. I also think the actor who plays the despicable jock ringleader Jason, Mason Dye, doesn’t get nearly as much praise as he deserves, because he was quite frankly, perfect in his role. I think I hated Jason even more than Vecna.


Wrap up : Books


Oof, I only read four books in the month of June. I really have to step up my game. All of these reviews are up, except for the The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy, which should be posted next week! Check out my reviews for the other books here:



Wrap-Up: Webtoons


For awhile there, I was reading SO many daily webtoons. I even had to make more than one post on what daily webtoons I was reading, because I kept picking up more and more of the free daily updating ones. I guess I burned myself out trying to keep up with all of these, so besides Lore Olympus and Men of the Harem, I’m really only keeping up with How to Be A Dragon. I love these short and sweet comics about two little dragons, Pondhopper and Swordfish. These toons never fail to make me laugh or to bring a smile to my face. You may have seen these comics floating around on tumblr or twitter or other parts of the internet, but I find keeping up with their posts is easiest on Webtoon, and it actually supports the author/artist, which is neat. You can also become a patron here. 

(I am tragically not affiliated with fishtrouts, or How to Be a Dragon, I just really love their toons.)



What did you get up to last month? Is there anything you’re looking forward to in July?


Monthly Wrap-Up : June 2022 - Blogging with Dragons

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