Monthly Wrap-Up : November 2021

Monthly Wrap-Up : November 2021 - Blogging with Dragons


I don’t know about you guys, but my month of November has completely flown by. What with preparing for the holidays, getting sucked into a Skyrim replay, and binge-watching a few TV shows, I haven’t gotten much reading accomplished this month. But more on that later!


Wrap-up : Games


This month, I got sucked back into Animal Crossing, and then made the mistake of buying the Anniversary Edition of Skyrim, and before I knew it I was juggling and addiction to both.


Shin Megami Tensei V :

I fully expected to be addicted to Shin Megami Tensei V this month, but I played it literally once or twice and dropped it in favor of Skyrim and Animal Crossing. This pains me to say, but I just found it to be rather lackluster and boring. It just didn’t catch my attention like a Persona game. I do hope to go back and give this game another try in the future, maybe after I finish my Skyrim playthrough, because I really want to like Shin Megami Tensei.


Animal Crossing New Horizons :

At first, I vowed just to play all of the content I never experienced in my absence from the game, but I quickly broke and bought the Happy Home Designer DLC. I am working on a full blog post about my return to Animal Crossing, so look for that in the future.


Skyrim – Anniversary Edition :

I should have known what I was doing when I purchased the newest version of Skyrim, but for some reason, I didn’t realize it was going to completely take over my life again. What a rookie mistake. This playthrough, I’m rocking a stealth bow-build, with one-handed and magic on the side. I still love this game and hope to Platinum it!


First Class Trouble :

I downloaded this PS Plus game at the very end of November to try with my friends, and it’s been so much fun. There’s nothing quite like hurling champagne bottles at your besties’ faces or betraying them in this murder-mystery-whodunnit. I highly recommend this game for fans of Among Us.


Back 4 Blood :

I still have not given up on beating Back 4 Blood on Veteran….one of these days, it’ll happen. I’ve beaten the game about 3 times on recruit in order to try and shake up the monotony of farming for supply line points and losing on Veteran difficulty.


Genshin Impact 2.3 :

I am still dutifully completing my dailies and events on Genshin Impact, but I am feeling the burnout right now. I was especially not happy that I had to rebuild my Kokomi with all of the new artifacts, which required about 15 runs of the new domain. I was also less than thrilled to have to return to Dragonspine, but I am looking forward to the Ganyu and Xiao banners that are coming!


Wrap-up : Movies and shows


I definitely still haven’t watched the newest season of “You,” but I don’t think my holiday depression needs to deal with that kind of content, ha ha.


Fear Street 1978 and 1666:

I know Halloween is over, but I had to know what happened in this fun, but campy trilogy. By far, my favorite movie in the trilogy was Fear Street 1978 with Sadie Sink!


Locke & Key (Season Two):

I thought Season Two of Locke & Key was a pretty decent follow up to the original season, though not quite as good as the first. I really didn’t think parts of season two were very believable, but I still really enjoyed watching it, and spent a lot of Thanksgiving Day finishing season two. I’m really looking forward to season three.


Wheel of Time :

I’ve been super anticipating Amazon’s Wheel of Time show and watching the new episodes every Friday. It’s pretty hard for me not to compare the show to the books, but if you’re interested in my thoughts on the show, check out my post on my First Impressions : The Wheel of Time show. 


Buzzfeed Unsolved – Supernatural :

My beloved Buzzfeed Unsolved finally came to an end with their return visit to the Sallie House. I watched their documentary on the making-of-the-last-episode as well. It’s safe to say that I got very emotional about the show coming to an end.


Tower of God :

My boyfriend read the Webtoon version of Tower of God and has been wanting to watch the anime adaptation of it forever, so we finally got around to it this month! Though it took some adjustment to the art style for me, I ended up really liking this anime. Fans of Squid Game or The Hunger Games should definitely check out this show, which features characters competing in deadly challenges to climb a tower. If they reach the top of the tower, the character’s wish will be granted. Tower of God has magical powers, scheming, shaky alliances, romance, intrigue, and plenty of action.



Wrap-Up : books


Full disclosure, my reading took a nose dive in November. My significant other was home from work for two weeks recovering from major surgery, and I found myself addicted to Skyrim again, so there just wasn’t a whole lot of time devoted to reading. In fact, I’ve only read and completed three books in November, Elder Race, The Excalibur Curse, and The Liar’s Knot, as well as started a fourth, Cytonic. This is less than half of what I read in October.  I’ve got to read seven more books by the end of the year in order to meet my Goodreads Challenge, so the pressure is on to have a productive reading December!


Wrap-up : Other Hobbies

I still have not done any knitting this season. I miss it, but I also am already having trouble juggling my other hobbies. I did bake filling balls this year for Thanksgiving. I started reading another new daily webtoon on Tappytoon, called What it Takes to be a Villainess. Meanwhile I’m still reading The Hopless Desire of a Witch, which has taken so many unexpected turns since its beginning that I’m not sure what I’m reading anymore. And I still look forward to Webtoon’s weekly release of Men of the Harem, which has way less romance than you’d expect from the title and the cover. Instead, it focuses on a badass female emperor who throws gender roles on their head by installing her own harem to create allies for herself, all while hunting down her father’s murderer, the people who seek to overthrow her rule, and the secrets of magic. Plus, she’s confident, intelligent, and great with a sword.


Looking to dec 2021

Well, I can definitely see myself continuing playing Skyrim, ha ha. And I will keep plugging away at Genshin Impact in the hopes that I can get another constellation of my main, Ganyu, or that Xiao will come home for the first time. I intend to finish reading and to review Brandon Sanderson’s Cytonic and hope to read the next Harwood Spellbook book.  I’m also getting the urge to return to reading The Wheel of Time series, but I don’t know if that’s wise for my enjoyment of the TV show, which is already struggling with the changes hat I remember from the novels.  I’m also highly anticipating the second season of The Witcher, which will undoubtedly make me want to replay The Witcher 3 and get back to reading the series as well.



What did your November 2021 look like? Are you going to make your Goodreads challenge goal? And do you have any plans for December 2021?


Monthly Wrap- up : November 2021 - Blogging with Dragons

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