Monthly Wrap-Up : October 2022

Monthly Wrap-up: October 2022

So I didn’t quite get to consume as much spooky content as I wanted during October 2022, but I certainly made an effort to get some in. Here’s my monthly-wrap-up for October 2022.


Wrap-up: games


Man of medan

Though I did pick up Until Dawn once, I made little progress in it and got distracted by other games. So I consider Man of Medan my first true experience of the type of horror game with lots of different choices and outcomes. I played it co-op with Eric and on our first playthrough, we managed to kill only one person (which, full disclosure, was because of me missing one out of a gazillion quick time events). I hope to replay it again to see if I can make it out with everyone alive. I also want to try more games that are in this style.


Dead by Daylight

The Halloween Event is in full swing on Dead by Daylight, so naturally, I had to take advantage of that. I definitely could not resist and bought the witchy Mikaela skin.


Beacon Pines

I absolutely adored Beacon Pines, which I got through Game Pass. I wrote an entire review on this unique and fun game and why you should play it. Check it out here. 


Fatal Frame : Maiden of the Black Water

I remember I wanted to get this game last year during spooky season, but never quite got to it, though I don’t remember why that was. So this year, I was determined to pick up this game. And honestly, I love it—Japanese horror just hits differently. I’ve only got a few chapters left in this game and I am excited to see how it ends.


wrap-up: shows


In comparison to last month, I have not watched a lot of shows or movies, as of yet. I’ve really only kept up with House of the Dragon and Ghost Files. I have not watched any more episodes of Rings of Powers and from what I’ve seen on twitter, I don’t think that I’m likely to do so.


House of the Dragon

Very sad that this first season of House of the Dragon has come to an end. The Targaryens have always been my favorite house, so seeing them at the height of their power, in-fighting and all, has been a real treat for me. The season finale of the show had me sobbing throughout it and I have no idea how I’m going to wait the most likely two years for the next season.


Ghost Files

The only other show I keep up with is Ryan and Shane’s Ghost Files on their channel Watcher. I am absolutely loving the longer episodes of this brand new ghost-hunting show. I also watch their Debrief episodes on Wednesday nights where they answer questions from the latest episode, which I think is really interesting. Very sad that the season finale is happening already!


The Dragon Prince

I am hoping to rewatch the first three seasons of The Dragon Prince before the fourth season comes out next month. But I’m not sure I will have gotten to it by the time this is posted. (Spoiler alert: I haven’t yet).


Wrap up: Books


I did make a conscious effort to read spooky books in October 2022. My friend Meghan from Meghan Plays Games got my month started off right by gifting me a copy of The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches, which I absolutely adored and you should read, right now. My love of that book encouraged me to pick up another book about witches called Cackle by Rachel Harrison. I didn’t like it quite as much as The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches, but it was still a quick and fun read. I also picked up the very last entry of The Scholomance trilogy, The Golden Enclaveswhich is technically spooky with it’s magic practitioners and maleficarias. But really, the events of that book were the true horror.


I also read Small Spaces by the ever spectacular Katherine Arden, who makes this middle-grade tale set in a rural town filled with rustling corn fields very creepy. I went on to read two of the other books in that series. But the spookiest novel I read all month was The Twisted Ones by T. Kingfisher. The author is quickly becoming one of my favorites, I love her conversational writing style, humor, and her skill at suspenseful build-ups. I hope to get a full review of that novel up in the near future, but as usual, I’m behind.


On the ARC front, I read The Magician’s Daughter, a historical fantasy with an interesting magical system, Untethered Sky by Fonda Lee, and am currently reading the Empire of Exiles by Erin M. Evans.

Wrap-up: Knits

I made a ton of Knitting Machine Pumpkins (this month especially). Since I was sick most of last month and then down with my new COVID booster, I didn’t get to make these as Halloween gifts until really the last possible minute.


next month

I plan on watching the fourth season of The Dragon Prince and to continue making a dent in my Goodreads challenge before the very end of the year. I know there is a new The Dark Pictures Anthology game coming out in November, titled The Devil in Me, but I’m not sure if that’s going to be a Day One purchase for me yet.


How was your October?



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