Monthly Wrap-Up : September 2022

Monthly Wrap-Up: September 2022 - Blogging with Dragons

September 2022 didn’t really go exactly as planned, as you’ll see in this wrap-up. Both my boyfriend, Eric, and I got sick (thankfully, not COVID), and I’m still trying to recover, so I ended up watching a lot of shows and reading over doing literally anything else. Though this is great for my dismal hopes of meeting my reading challenge, it was not so great for gaming and knitting. 


Wrap-up: Games


Not a whole lot of gaming was done in the later half of September 2022. Most of the gaming I did do was the usual suspect of Dead by Daylight. I have also continued making some slow progress in Elden Ring as well. Though I wanted to try the new Phasmophobia update, Dreamlight Valley, and Beacon Pines, and make more progress in Grow : Song of the Evertree that is all on hold at the moment.


Fire Emblem Warriors : Three Hopes

The biggest thing I accomplished in September 2022 was to finally finish my third and final playthrough of Fire Emblem Warriors : Three Hopes. Though a fun spinoff of Fire Emblem : Three Houses, I found I much preferred the original game to this alternative reality. I absolutely despised the Blue Lions route in this game, which is normally my favorite house, and wrote a whole post on why. 


wrap-up: movies and shows

Not pictured: Cyberpunk Edgerunners, House of the Dragon, and Ghost Files.


I know I’m really late to the party on watching Arcane, but I finally got around to it, and I absolutely love this show. Arcane made me cry multiple times. I adore its portrayal of different types of strong female characters. And I honestly I wish the game League of Legends was more like the show. 


Locke & Key (final season) 

I was disappointed by this final season of Locke & Key. When the show originally started, it seemed like there were an infinite number of magical keys in the Locke House, but suddenly, in this season, the Lockes have found them all. Though I was bummed by what felt like a premature end to the magic, my main source of irritation with this season was that the show relies too heavily on stupidity as a plot device. Example: Running a supernatural villain over a car? Maybe don’t stand outside of the vehicle and wait for him to get up and steal your car. Anyways, it was fun seeing a lot of familiar faces coming back in this final season (even though I was super incredibly bummed we didn’t see more Laysla De Oliveira as Dodge) , and watching the Lockes get a happy ending. 


Cyberpunk : Edgerunners 

I did watch a little bit of this show, but it wasn’t really my cup of tea. I know a lot of people really love it though.


House of the Dragon 

I am still completely obsessed with House of the Dragon and look forward to it all week long.


The Rings of Power 

I watched the first two episodes of The Rings of Power the premiere weekend and despite the show being absolutely gorgeous, I couldn’t get into it. I know Galadriel has lived a really long time as an elf and canonically had battle prowess, but I can’t seem to adjust to her as a sword slinging captain. I was more interested in the love story between the human herbalist and the elf, but not invested enough to keep watching the show. I won’t say that I’ll never pick it back up again, but it’s definitely not a priority.


Ghost Files

Ryan and Shane are back on their new ghost hunting show, Ghost Files, on their new channel, Watcher. I was crushed when Buzzfeed Unsolved ended, so I am living for their return on these longer episodes every Friday. Tonight’s episode the ghoul boys investigate Alcatraz.


Wrap-up: books

After a dismal month of reading in August 2022, I am super behind on my Goodreads challenge. I went pretty hard on reading this month, especially because I didn’t feel up to doing a lot of other things while sick. And despite reading eight books, I’m still behind. Yet another year of wishing I was the person I thought I was when I set this Goodreads challenge.


Anyways, this month I got hooked on The Star of Deltora series and binge read it. My review for the first book in that series, The Shadows of the Masteris already up and look for the rest of the reviews for this fun series coming soon. I also read my first self-help book in years, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, which was surprisingly very helpful and unlike any other book I read at the same time. Notorious Sorcerer was the only ARC I read in the month of September. Tess of the Road was an okay read for me, but definitely was not what I was expecting from the blurb of the book. I am already loving the last book in The Scholomance series by Naomi Novik and cannot wait to dive back into it.


Next month

Next month (okay, tomorrow) is officially October and the height of spooky season! I’m hoping to read, watch, and play tons of spooky stuff. I am also hoping to knit a few more pumpkins, with a post on that coming soon hopefully. What are your plans for October?



Monthly Wrap-Up : September 2022 - Blogging with Dragons

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