More Knitting Machine Projects

My obsession with my knitting machine continues. I can’t seem to stop starting more knitting machine projects now that I have finally finished my pumpkin patch.



Though I am currently in the process of making top secret gifts for Christmas, I made a few things for myself this time.


The wreath



My least favorite thing I’ve made out of all my knitting machine project so far is this wreath pictured above. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love how the final project turned out, but the actual process of making it was a total nightmare. My tiny 22 Sentro Knitting Machine constantly jammed while I was making the long tubes needed. Perhaps this would work better for those with an Addi machine. But I also absolutely hated all of the seaming this wreath required. Shout out to my partner, Eric, for mastering the mattress stitch and making the invisible seams.


Although I initially had hoped to make a wreath like this for every season, I don’t think I’ll ever be making another wreath like this ever again. For my wreath, I used Hobby Lobby’s Metallic I Love This Yarn in the colors Royalty, Teal Sparkle, and Aqua Sparkle. I also chose to add pom-poms to my wreath instead of the knitted bow.



If you don’t mind seaming and want to make your own wreath, you can purchase the pattern from Diana Levine Knits on Etsy here. I can’t recommend her patterns enough, they are clear, concise, and full of pictures.


the alpaca

But my crowning achievement thus far on my knitting machine is my alpaca, which I’ve dubbed Flurry.



Flurry was a labor of love for both me and Eric. Working together on different parts of the alpaca simultaneously, it took us over eight whole hours to make this alpaca. We based his coloring on one of our favorite Animal Crossing villagers, Skye. I hope to make Flurry a female Alpaca friend sometime in the future.



To make your own alpaca, you can purchase the pattern from ExpressKnitters on Etsy, here.  ExpressKnitters has a lot of other absolutely adorable variations of the alpaca itself and features other cute patterns that I can definitely see myself making in the future.




Are you working on any projects for the holidays? If so, what are they?



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6 responses to “More Knitting Machine Projects

  1. kamifurr

    Those projects are amazing! Do you prefer a knitting machine to needles? I should post some of my projects on my blog as well. Thanks for idea!

    • I actually really love my knitting machine. I have not hand knit anything since getting my machine!
      I would love to see your projects!

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