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For those not aware, E3, aka the Electronic Entertainment Expo, arrives next week! It’s the biggest week (okay, a few days), in gaming. I have delighted in watching the show for years to see what new things are in store for the gaming world, whether it’s consoles, games, new IPs, and more. With E3 2021 arriving just next week, I thought I would list some of my dream video game titles that I’d love to see announced during the presentations.


To be clear, these are not titles that are actually being announced, (thankfully, because how would I be able to buy all of these beauties at once?), but are just video games that I would absolutely go crazy seeing announcements, release dates, and gameplay videos for.  Without further ado, let’s get into My Dream E3 2021.


Spyro 4


Ever since I heard Toys 4 Bob, the studio behind Spyro Reignited Trilogy, had been effectively dismantled, taken off production of Spyro, and put on COD Warzone (the sheer magnitude of this insult of not being even put on a new COD game is astounding) by their parent company, Activision, I was devastated. I am still really holding out hope for Spyro 4, because it has been teased in the new Crash Bandicoot game, and has been very successful.  There are also rumors that a different studio is helming new Spyro projects, which I think is an odd choice, as clearly Toys 4 Bob’s Reignited Trilogy was a careful labor of love, but I will keep an open mind. Just please bring back my purple toasty boy, Activision, I’m begging you. 


Bioshock 4


I LOVE Bioshock. I think the original title is the only video game that I’ve even gotten close to playing as much as Spyro. I would love a new entry in the series, whether it is a return to Rapture, or a visit to another dystopian city. I would be less than pleased with a return to Columbia, as I didn’t care for Bioshock Infinite as much as the first two titles in the series. That being said, I would still buy it, Columbia and all.


Breath of the Wild 2


I know The Legend of Zelda games spend a really long time in development. While that is okay with me, because I know they’re worth the wait every time, I still can’t help but to hope for a new glimpse of short-haired Zelda from Breath of the Wild 2. 



Persona 5 Royal Group


Anything Atlus wants to give me that is Persona related, I will gladly take. Persona 3 and 4 remasters or remakes would be phenomenal, but I’d also take a Persona series fighting game, a Persona 5 Royal sequel, a Persona racing game, or more dancing games—I’m not picky, just gimme!


Legend of Zelda Remasters

Something like this would be amazing.


Come on, Nintendo. The Switch, as it is now, not as the Pro, is the same console as the Wii U, but with different packaging, so it wouldn’t be at all hard for Nintendo to port Twilight Princess and WindWaker games over. I would be ecstatic as I’ve never had a Wii U, and have to drag out my dusty Gamecube to play these games. I would 100% pay for any kind of an HD Collection of The Legend of Zelda games. 


Tales of series


So I think it is pretty likely that we will see some new Tales of Arise footage at E3 2021, as after all, the game is slated for release later this year. And while that is great, I’d really also like an announcement for a Tales of the Abyss remake or remaster. I never had a 3DS and the anime just isn’t the same as playing the game, and well, I’m greedy, okay?


The Elder Scrolls VI


Ever since that slight tease of The Elder Scrolls VI, I’ve been waiting with bated breath for the next look at the latest entry in The Elder Scrolls series. 


Fire Emblem 


After playing Fire Emblem : Three Houses two times in a row, I really can’t help but to want more Fire Emblem games for the Switch. I’d love for remasters of previous titles in the series such as the 3DS title, Fire Emblem Awakening or Fire Emblem Fates. We have so many Fire Emblem characters in Smash, why can’t we get some in actual Fire Emblem titles?




I know Microsoft Studios pulled the plug on this action RPGby PlatinumGames, but I’ll never forget this game or stop hoping for it to be reacquired and released.  With so many games that feature players confronting dragons in epic battles, Scalebound amazingly flips that script on its head, and features a main character who works together with a dragon. Scalebound features a main character named Drew, who is accompanied by a dragon named Thuban. Thuban helps players in combats, and even follows player given orders. From what I’ve read, it even appears that our friendly dragon was fully customizable. Excuse me while I go have the big sad. 


Final Fantasy


Rumor has it that we are to see a new Dark Souls-inspired Final Fantasy game announced at E3, tentatively titled Final Fantasy Origins. I’ve never been a player of Souls games, so I’m less excited about the prospect of actually playing this, even though I will buy it anyways, because it’s Final Fantasy. I am mostly hoping for a release dates for Final Fantasy XVI. I know how long Square Enix takes to develop games, so I really don’t have any hopes for any information on Final Fantasy VII-2. I also am skeptical that we will see more information about Forspoken, as I know how much Square Enix likes to just make trailers for games and not actual games. Looking at you, Final Fantasy Versus 13!


Anyways, I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t really see a lot until the Tokyo Game Show, which is usually in September. But if this were my dream E3 2021, all of these games would be included and maybe some other remasters or remakes of previous Final Fantasy titles.


Resident Evil 9

What Resident Evil 9 could look like.


Yes, I know Resident Evil Village just came out and that I didn’t exactly rave about the game, but I still want more titles in the series! Preferably with Jill and Chris reuniting, or Leon and Claire at the helm. But as the end of Resident Evil Village said, View Spoiler »


Though I kind of doubt we will actually see a Resident Evil 9 announcement, even though Capcom seems to work incredibly fast, I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a Resident Evil 4 Remaster…again. Obviously, still going to play Resident Evil 4 again, but I see you Capcom.




There are plenty of other games I’m excited about that aren’t listed on here, such as Horizon Forbidden West, the new Pokémon games, Elden Ring, and Kena Bridge of Spirits. But there you have just a few of the many games that would be at My Dream E3 2021.


What games would be at your Dream E3 2021?


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