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While the rest of the gaming world is busy struggling away at Elden Ring, I’ve been completely obsessed with Aloy’s latest adventure in Horizon Forbidden West. I know a lot of people have already completed the game, but though I’ve put over forty hours into it, I’m nowhere close to being finished with the main story. Here’s a look at my progress in the game.



At the time of this writing, I’m level 33, have 47 hours in the game, and haven’t filled in a whole lot of the map yet, and my skill points are all over the place. But seeing as Horizon Forbidden West is the part of my day that I look forward to the most, I thought I’d share some of my favorite things in this game. There are no major spoilers ahead for the story, but read at your own discretion!



I love this woman. Not only does she have insane upper body strength and a lustrous mane of fiery hair, but she has empathy and sass in equal measure. Her accomplishments and disappointments always manage to feel like mine.  Plus, she looks phenomenal in any of the strange machine armor I put her in. Total goals.


Machine Mounts

Say hello to my little, er, big friend. He’s an acid clawstrider and he means business. An innocent duck flew into him and immediately died upon impact. Though my clawstrider is a bit slow, he’s a great asset in battle, and who doesn’t love that they can ride and fight alongside their very own dinosaur?



I adore this grumpy Tenakth warrior who becomes a part of Aloy’s allies in Horizon Forbidden West. At first I couldn’t get over how rude he was, but I loved seeing him come around to respect Aloy and delighted in his dry sense of humor. I try not to ship Aloy with people, as she’s got a whole world to save and we love a strong, independent woman, but boy, did Kotallo steal my heart.


Photo Mode

Horizon Forbidden West is absolutely gorgeous. Combine my ardent passion for taking screenshots with a gorgeous game and an actual photo mode, and you have one very happy Kate.


Different Cultures

I think one of the Horizon Forbidden West’s biggest strong points is that the game never forgets that Aloy’s quest to save the Earth stems from saving its peoples and their way of lives. As Aloy sets out to the Forbidden West, she encounters so many different cultures of people, like the peaceful, plant-loving, machine-worshipping Utaru and the notoriously feared and respected warrior clans, the Tenkath. It’s very interesting to see how these different cultures interact and what their beliefs are, as well as how Aloy manages to treat each of them with respect.


Familiar Faces

I was pleasantly surprised to see many old friends from the first game, like Erend and Varl, showing up in Horizon Forbidden West as well. I know how much Aloy likes to go it alone, so I was happy to see her reuniting with people from the first game.


Adhesive Blastsling

So far, my new favorite weapon is the adhesive effect on the blastsling. This weapon is truly  indispensable when going against the Stalker or any other fast machines because it slows the creatures down exponentially. This effect is great for someone like me, who has absolutely horrific aim.


Valor : Overshield


Horizon Forbidden West features a new facet of battle called Valor, which are pretty much “ultimate” abilities. My favorite valor by far, which has saved my life more times than I can count, is the Overshield. I honestly haven’t even really given the other Valors a chance yet, because I just love this one, which gives me a damage shield that explodes upon running out, and health back.


Side Quests


If the main story weren’t good enough already, the side quests are just as a good as the major narrative. I find myself turning on the game, vowing to progress the main story, and then instead getting completely sidetracked by smaller quests Aloy finds to tackle, whether it’s helping families reunite, finding lost villagers, scaling towers for parts, recovering lost supplies, tracking down a murderer to bring them to justice, or something else, the quests are always dynamic and interesting, and never cut and dry or redundant. Plus, they further display Aloy’s strength of character, and how no task is too trivial for her, no petitioner too rude, no machine too tough.




I’m absolutely loving Horizon Forbidden West, which I think is a truly great follow-up to the original game, Horizon Zero Dawn. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the game takes Aloy and her motley crew. I’m sure I’ll be writing more about this amazing game in the future, especially when I beat it, so look for more posts soon!







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