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I have a love/hate relationship with these showcases. For years, I loved watching E3 at home. It felt like Christmas for video games. There was nothing like the build-up for E3 and then the actual excitement of days worth of new game announcements and content. I miss it and I feel like none of the showcases since have captured that same level of magic for me.


So knowing I was inevitably going to be disappointed, I turned on the Playstation Showcase (2023). There was no rumored Bloodborne (I feel for you, Souls fans), or previously leaked Persona games. There was no new Spyro game, even though it’s the 25th anniversary of the original game (though with the news that Xbox bought Activision, Playstation might not even see another Spyro). Capcom showed up with a VR version of Resident Evil 4, but notably, no Separate Ways DLC. There also weren’t any more looks at Stellar Blade, a PS5 exclusive, which has interested me from Day One.


And when Square Enix flashed across the screen it was merely to announce their own version of Splatoon, painfully tilted Foamstars, and to show yet another trailer of Final Fantasy XVI, which looks great, but I already have pre-ordered and saw an entire half an hour showcase on about a month ago. Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, which is supposed to release later this year (something that is becoming less and less likely the longer we go without seeing a glimpse of it), was nowhere in sight. There were no new first party games or updates on Silent Hill, The Last of Us multiplayer, or many other games that have players excited.


Why was this a “showcase” and not a State of Play? I still don’t know. What I do know is that the showcase as a whole felt lackluster and underwhelming to me. But if I stop worrying about what wasn’t shown and focus on the games that were shown, there were a few titles that I was really excited about. Without further ado, these are the games that caught my eye at the Playstation Showcase:


1. Sword of the Sea

A game by Giant Squid, the developer behind Journey and Abzu? Giant Squid’s games never disappoint, creating captivating worlds and experiences for the players. If I weren’t already excited enough by the mere prospect of playing another game by this developer, Sword of the Sea looks like a mix between Journey and Abzu, with both sands and sea creatures, and has me anticipating this game even more.


2. Neva


I was not kidding when I tweeted that I was not emotionally prepared for the trailer of Neva. The beautiful art style, the arresting story, and the emotions this trailer managed to make me feel in under two minutes was nothing short of impressive. It even brought me to tears. This game is going to be a day one buy for me, along with several boxes of tissues, honestly.


3. Tower of Fantasy


Though I’m not nearly as interested in this game as the other two mentioned, I was intrigued by Tower of Fantasy, which promises to be a free-to-play open world RPG with multiplayer. Not going to lie, the world, the characters, and the gameplay look a whole lot Genshin Impact, and from the trailer, I couldn’t really get a feel for what the story of the game was about. So not exactly convinced that I should pick this game up over Genshin Impact or any other MMO, but I thought it was worth mentioning as I’ll be keeping it on my radar.



Which games shown at this year’s Playstation Showcase got you the most excited?


My Playstation Highlights 2023 - Blogging with Dragons

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6 responses to “My Playstation Showcase Highlights

  1. Phantom Blade was the one that really caught my eye, I enjoyed Sekiro and this looks like it might be in the same vein! But like you, overall underwhelmed by the showcase, much as I’m looking forward to FF16 and Spider-Man 2.

    • I’m glad there was something that captured your interest! Yeah, I guess when the word “showcase” is involved, I expect greatness. ?

  2. I also am looking forward to Sword of the Sea and Neva! Another one for me was The Plucky Squire, that game looks wonderful.

    I agree though, the show overall was underwhelming. Glad to see more Spider-Man 2 at least ?

    • The Plucky Squire also looks like a ton of fun ?

      I am hoping that Sony was just holding back a ton of top secret projects ?

  3. I’m cautiously optimistic about the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake, and might check out the Marathon revival, but outside those, Dragon’s Dogma, Spider-Man and the next Destiny expansion, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about much from that showing.

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