Quality of Life Updates Genshin Impact Needs


I have been playing Genshin Impact since its launch, and while I love the game, I really feel that it could use some quality of life updates. Though Genshin Impact continues updating and tweaking things here and there, there are still some major improvements I would like to see in the future!


1) trading

Though Genshin Impact isn’t quite an MMORPG, it really feels like one most times. As someone who has spent countless hours in many different MMOs, I cannot help but notice the absence of a trading system between players. I’d love to be able to trade friends items, weapons, food, enhancement materials, and more, but it’s sadly not a feature of the game.


2) friends list Organization

Genshin's Impact Friends list could be better.


It sure would be nice if you could mark your closest friends to make them appear at the top of your friends list.


3) Gear preset loadouts

Genshin Impact should add gear pre-set loadouts.


One of the things I would absolutely love Genshin Impact to introduce the most is gear loadouts. I’d love to make multiple sets of gear—weapons and artifacts—for each of my characters, so that I can easily swap between the sets for whatever I’m doing. This would be so great for setting loadouts for Spiral Abyss versus PVE.

4) Co-op Everything

Genshin Impact doesn't let you access the forge or alchemy table while in co-op.


It is so frustrating that a game that offers co-op struggles so significantly to implement it with the simplest of tasks! There are countless commissions that you cannot start or finish in co-op mode. Players cannot access the alchemy table or even the forge while on co-p either. This is such a basic thing that many games implement, so I don’t understand why Genshin Impact can’t manage it.

5) Spiral Abyss Co-Op

Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss


One of the biggest features of co-op that I would love to see is a co-op spiral abyss. Yes, we get co-op events, but why not have a more challenging version of Spiral Abyss to conquer with friends?


6) guilds

Since Genshin Impact now has a housing system, it seems kind of strange not to have guilds and subsequent housing for them. Plus, it would be a great source of help for people who might not have friends to play the game with. How great would it be to be able to message in guild chat and ask for help running trounce domains or world bosses?


7) Skins

Genshin Impact Skins


So as leaks for upcoming updates to the games show, we will be getting some skins for characters! Though they are very pretty outfits, I really want to see some skins related to the lore of the game. I’d love to see Venti and Zhongli in their Archon outfits, Diluc in his Favonius Captain outfit, Ganyu when she fought in the war, and Tartaglia in his dark outfit and electro form, just to name a few. With everyone having all of the same characters, the lack of customization is kind of sad. I think outfits are a great step to providing that “my characters are special” feeling.

8) mobs should drop loot in domains

Genshin Impact Domain Mobs do not Drop Loot


It baffles me that the mobs in dungeons do not drop any loot. I’m constantly running out of materials and it would be so nice if the mobs in domains that I was farming already dropped their usual loot upon defeat.


9) easier way to get ore

Genshin Impact Out of Ore


never ever have enough ore in Genshin Impact for leveling all of my characters’ weapons. And heaven forbid you get a better weapon and decide to switch, then you’re up the creek. Feeding weapons to another isn’t an equivalent exchange either, and players end up wasting a lot of the materials that they put into the sacrificed weapon to level their new desired weapon. Even with visiting friends’ worlds to farm ore with them, using precious resin to make mystic enhancement ore, or purchasing them with Stardust,  I can’t get enough ore to fully level characters’ weapons. I really wish there were a better way to obtain this ore, or that we could get more from daily expeditions, or that there was just less of a leveling requirement for weapons. It simply takes the ores too long to respawn on the map to make any kind of a dent in leveling weapons.


10) teleporters in housing


Genshin Impact Housing Map


The housing area gets pretty darn large. While this is mostly great, as it was frustrating when players first started on their one dinky island and ran out of room almost immediately to place things, it’s quite the hike to get from one area to the next the higher your rank is. I would love for players to be able to unlock or craft a teleporter to easily access the merchants, their main house, or other parts of the island.


11) Food Cooldown

Food Cooldowns are a Pain


I have a love/hate relationship with food in Genshin Impact. I love that the game added the device that allows you to easily eat food in battle, but I hate the cooldowns, especially for resurrecting characters. Since only one character in the game has the ability to revive characters (only with max constellation, however), food is an absolute necessity for getting characters up and back into battle. But using one item to resurrect a character means that other characters better stay up, because there will be a cooldown on all food with the ability to resurrect. This is a pain in and of itself, but one of my biggest gripes about running domains and dying is that even at the end of the domain, the cooldown timer on food is not reset! You still have to wait, sometimes over a minute, to revive your deceased character. And if you have multiple downed characters, it will take even longer. Is that really necessary when the domain is over? Couldn’t the end of the domain reset the cooldown on food that revives or just plain old revive characters for you? Ugh.


12) Bounties

I have long since completed all the reputation requirements in both Liyue and Mondstat. Though by far these were not my favorite things to do, I did enjoy having the variety of things to do in Genshin Impact and of course, collecting the rewards. I would really like for these bounties to be viable outside of the towns, and to be more challenging. It would be even better if these bounties were hard enough that you needed friends to help! I guess what I’m really saying is, less events, more all the time things to do in Genshin Impact. 


13) Make max Friendship Mean Something

Friendship Levels has Not Much Payoff


While I do think the namecards players get for reaching max friendship levels with their characters are cool, I don’t think it’s enough. I think there should be more of a reward for reaching max friendship, even if I’m not exactly sure what that reward should be. At the very least, I think it would be cool if the characters with max friendship automatically cooked their special dish every time and had a high chance to make double or triples of the dish as well.


14) mona Banner

Genshin Impact's Mona

I’m sorta joking, but not really. Please give us a Mona banner, Mihoyo! I need to bring her home!




Do you play Genshin Impact? What changes would you like to see the game make?




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