Skyrim : Ten Years Later


I have a bit of a complicated history with Skyrim. I have played the game several times, but never was able to finish my playthrough. The very first time I played it was upon its release on the PS3, and my game was rendered completely unplayable back then, no matter what I tried to fix it. I did complete the final battle on my dad’s Xbox 360, which could play the game no problem.



Other times, I played the game with my boyfriend, and he ended up getting addicted to the game and finishing our playthrough without me. So it’s been a goal of mine to finally go back and complete Skyrim on my own. And I say with no small amounts of irony, and pride, that it only took me ten years from its original release date to platinum Skyrim. This playthrough was my first time doing all of the DLC as well, so I thought it was only appropriate that I shared my thoughts on Skyrim, ten years later.



Though I really liked the thought of putting all of that crafting grinding to use by building my own house and then furnishing it, I couldn’t help but to feel disappointed that all three available Hearthfire houses had the same basic layout. All the furniture options were the same everywhere  too, so there wasn’t a whole to distinguish the houses from each other, unless you put different additions on them. I definitely think Elder Scrolls Online took Hearthfire and improved upon it, drastically increasing the types of homes and styles of furniture.


The Dragons

In my previous playthroughs of Skyrim, I really dreaded having to kill all of the dragons. In this playthrough, I was inundated with dragon attacks from the very beginning, which made it quite hard to get anything accomplished. I also had a Blood dragon glitch in Riverwood, and no matter how many times I killed it, it spawned all over again. I quickly grew immune to my dislike of killing the creatures, and found them to be obnoxious.


The Blades

That being said, I was absolutely outraged that The Blades wanted me to kill Paarthurnax, the friendly dragon. Never in a million years would I kill Paarthurnax, and frankly, the Blades can just go screw themselves for trying to pressure me into it. Plus, when one doesn’t kill Paarthurnax after killing Alduin, the helpful dragon swears to help educate other dragons and to give them a second chance to live peacefully in Tamriel, which unequivocally proves to be the right decision in my book.


The Glitches


Don’t you just love when your quest marker is floating in space making it completely impossible to finish your quest? Boy, did this game still have plenty of these bugs and more, and it crashed for me constantly, despite having a PS5. I also had soo many quests glitch for me. I really was looking forward to the “Blood on the Ice” murder mysery quest in Windhelm, but of course I couldn’t get it to proc no matter what I did. Towards the end of my platinum playthrough, I really grew disheartened with all of the quests I was literally unable to complete taking up my quest logs.


The Dawnguard

I was not really that impressed with this DLC, which required me to drag my butt through more Dwemer ruins, the Soul Cairn, and a very dark castle. I also didn’t really think Senara lived up to the hype for me, but maybe it’s because I chose not to become a vampire. Also it didn’t really make a lot of sense to me that Senara was willing to kill her father to stop him from using her blood to blot out the sun, but when the players ask her after defeating her father, if we can use her blood to do the same thing, she’s totally cool with it…


Tellingly, Dawnguard was the only DLC I didn’t get 100% completion on, because it required me to make out the skill trees for both vampire and werewolf. This is totally unfair.

The Thieves Guild

The Thieves Guild is still my favorite quest line in the game. The underground cistern, Nightingales, the other members, and armor are all so iconic. The only thing I didn’t like throughout this playthrough was I realized how little it made sense for the player to become the leader of the guild upon defeating the former one. I really think Brynjolf was the better candidate for that role and the fact that he is so busy running the guild after we defeat the former Guild Master that he won’t even talk to the player makes me sad and points to him being the true leader.


The College of Winterhold

This quest line was not only way shorter than I remembered, but was also yet another organization that I think made absolutely no sense for the player to become the leader of. I also didn’t utilize the Atronach Forge even once.


The Dark Brotherhood

This is probably my second favorite quest line in the game. The Dark Sacrament and the way players join the assassins is super iconic. I did feel that this one was a lot shorter than I remembered as well. However, out of all the guilds, I think this one actually made sense for the player to become the leader of, as the player is the Listener to the Night Mother.


The Dragonborn DLC

Not going to lie, I absolutely hated the Dragonborn DLC. Though I was originally super interested in this quest line as it related to an evil Dragonborn that enslaved Dragons and wanted to take over the world, I hated how difficult everything on Solstheim was to defeat. It didn’t help that I had no idea how challenging this area was and I went in under-leveled and underprepared. I also loathed being teleported into a Daedric realm, or whatever it was. So points for a neat story idea, but I absolutely hated doing it. At least it gave me the Dragon Shout, Bend Will, which allowed me to ride dragons, at long last. Though the shout quickly wears off, meaning I have to kill the dragon that was friendly to me three seconds ago, which was not my favorite thing at all.



Yes, my character is terrifying looking. I tried, okay?

I really did almost all of the crafting in this game. I felt like Smithing was almost a requirement in order to survive against the increasing difficulty. I finally made my first full set of Dragon Scale armor, which was something I never got to do in my other playthroughs.


The Goldenfield Plantation

I really loved the addition of the Goldenfield Plantation, aka Farming Simulator for Skyrim. It was a great source of passive income for me and I loved having control over the crops I planted and hiring workers.



I did adopt two children and marry, but I really didn’t see a whole lot of point to this. There were no added benefits to having children whatsoever, unless you count them occasionally giving you a meal. At least the player’s spouse sets up a store and earns some income for you, but that’s setting the bar pretty low. It is nice that your spouse can become a follower, but not really a selling point for me, as Shadowmere tanks literally everything for me whether I want the Dark Brotherhood horse too or not.



I literally never even tried fishing in my playthrough, as I read it was incredibly basic.


Defeating Alduin

Going to Sovngarde to confront Alduin with legendary heroes was pretty cool, but at the same time, it felt a little anticlimactic to me. I sort of wish I had a bunch of dragons ally with me to go fight Alduin, using all of our shouts to defeat him. I felt that if dragons had helped more in this fight, it would’ve really highlighted the player’s powers and importance of being a Dragonborn and a turning point for humans and dragons coexisting peacefully in Tamriel. Plus, it just sucked watching Alduin be defeated and crumpling to dust basically with the final blow (which, coincidentally took me forever because my game glitched, and I couldn’t use any shouts, including Dragon Rend—glitchy to the end).



I really enjoyed my playthrough of Skyrim. If you haven’t played the game in years or haven’t played it at all, I highly recommend picking up the anniversary edition of Skyrim.


Of course, this latest playthrough has inspired me to return to Elders Scrolls Online, which has already taken over my life again. I haven’t played ESO since the Elsewyr DLC, so there’s a ton of new content for me to enjoy on my 80 billion characters.


Skyrim Ten Years Later - Blogging with Dragons

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