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Like everyone else, I am a fan of Taylor Swift, and was over the moon when she released her newest album Folklore. It was the ultimate power move that she kept her album a secret up until 24 hours before its release. And it was such a departure from her last album. I love the focus on storytelling in Folklore, and apparently I’m not the only one, since Cielo @ Bellerose Reads created a book tag for the album! I knew I had to do this Folklore Book Tag! And the questions were very challenging aka I struggled not to answer Rhysand and Feyre for literally every romantic question.



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The 1 – A book you wanted to read but never did


The Percy Jackson series. I swear if I don’t get to this series this year, it’s becoming a priority for next.

Cardigan – A character that didn’t end up with their first love interest

Feyre from A Court of Thorns and Roses series. Praise the Lord.

The Last Great American Dynasty – A book with an epic female protagonist

Book Review : Gideon the Ninth - Blogging with Dragons

Both Harrow and Gideon from Gideon the Ninth

Exile – A book about walking out of a toxic relationship


The Giver of Stars was such a touching and empowering read about a group of travelling librarians. The main character, Alice, finds herself unhappily married on the other side of the world to an emotionally abusive man. Thankfully, she finds her true calling as a travelling librarian, wonderful friends, and real love along the way. Highly recommend giving it a read if you like historical fiction, stories of the empowerment of women, romance, and just plain old books.


My Tears Ricochet – The fictional couple that made you suffer the most
Art: Starfall by Charlie Bowater

Rhysand and Feyre from A Court of Thorns and Roses series. God, I just want them to be happy.


Mirrorball – A swoon-worthy, sweet couple

Book Review : Empire of Sand - Blogging with Dragons


Mehr and Amun from Empire of Sand.


Seven – A book with fae characters
Book Review : House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City #1) - Blogging with Dragons
Book Review : Kingdom of Ash - Blogging with Dragons

Literally every single book by Sarah J. Maas


August – A book you’ve read very fast

Book Review : House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City #1) - Blogging with Dragons


Crescent City. Read it in one sitting, eating and drinking with the book in my hand. Oops. 


This Is Me Trying – A coming of age book

Book Review : Novice Dragoneer - Blogging with Dragons


Novice Dragoneer. This book follows a young girl with a stutter on her journey to become a dragoneer and it

definitely made me cry on multiple occasions. I cannot wait for the sequel.

Illicit Affairs – A book with a forbidden love


The Green Rider series, specifically Firebrand. Nothing hurts quite like falling for your king, and it being requited.


Invisible String – A book featuring a road trip

Book Review : The Great Hunt - Blogging with Dragons


I cannot think of a single contemporary book with a road trip in it that I’ve read. So instead, I’m going with The Great Hunt for my answer. It has a lot of travelling, both by magic and horse, so I think it counts!

Mad Woman – Your favorite female villain
Manon by Charlie Bowater

Manon Blackbeak is the first female villain that comes to mind. I loved her character arc and her relationship with Abraxos and her fellow witches in the Throne of Glass series.


Epiphany – A book that made everything disappear while you were having a rough time


You didn’t really think I’d make it through this tag without mentioning The Priory of the Orange Tree, now did you? This book was great escapism for dealing with my senior dog’s decline in health and consequent passing.


Betty – A book with second-chance trope


Fireborne was definitely one of my favorite reads of the year. It follows two orphans, one of which is the long-believed-to-be-deceased heir to an overthrown royal family, as he works his way up through the government that slaughtered his family as has to decide where his loyalties lie.


Peace – A book with a passionate affair that wasn’t meant to be

Even though we don’t have the third entry in The Kingkiller Chronicles series yet, it’s pretty safe to say that Kvothe’s love for Denna is ill-fated, if not doomed. If her treatment of Kvothe isn’t enough proof for you, then perhaps the parallels between Kvothe’s life to the song of Lanre, or his severe reaction when the Chronicler mentions a woman to him in the present day before beseeching Kvothe to tell his true life story to him for recording.


Also, I hate to mention Sarah J. Maas again, but literally all three of her series begin with the heroine completely and totally in love with a first male love interest–whom she isn’t meant for, or is even abusive to her–and later on, winds up with someone else. This someone else naturally ends up being her soul mate and you can kiss the previous love interest goodbye, even if you liked him better. This made me pretty salty in the Throne of Glass series, I’m still not over Chaol, unlike in A Court of Thorn and Roses, where this happening was literally life. I wish she’d stopped doing it every series though, since she already pulled off the trope perfectly once.


Hoax – The saddest book you remember reading


I distinctly remember that the very first novel I read that had me sobbing, now a pretty common thing that happens when I read, to this day. I read A Walk to Remember way back in middle school and it was the first and last Nicholas Sparks book I ever read. The movie just didn’t do the novel justice and you should read it if you love sad stories. I, however, have avoided the man’s books and movies like the plague ever since reading this one. Not because it was badly written, but purely because I’m an emotional mess enough of the time, without reading heartbreaking books like these.


Bonus: What are your Favorite tracks on folklore?

I love This is Me Trying, Exile, Mirrorball, The 1, and Illicit Affairs. But honestly, there’s not a single bad track on Folklore and every time I listen to it, I fall in love with a new song and its new story.



Unfortunately I have no idea who in the community likes Taylor Swift, so if you’re reading this and are a fan, consider yourself tagged!

Taylor Swift's Folklore Book Tag

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  1. Loved your answers! I totally relate to having to hold back to not yell FEYSAND at every romantic answer, haha. I am blown away that you read Crescent City in ONE SITTING, omg that book is a monster. I took 5 days and i’m proud, most times I take 3 days to read a book under 400 pages?

    • Thanks so much! Omg, yes! Feysand is still my favorite Maas pairing of all time! I didn’t set out to read Crescent City in one sitting…I just couldn’t put it down so I kept doing everything while reading ? I was sad that it was over, but couldn’t help myself! Hey, that just means you need to buy and to read more books ?

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