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My mother always crocheted chevron afghans/blankets for her family members. My sister and I had beautiful baby blankets that we used for as long as we could before we outgrew them. So when my first niece was born, I decided to make her a baby blanket. Okay, so I didn’t get around to actually knitting and giving her the project until her first Christmas, but she still liked it.


Baby Chevron Blanket -
My niece snuggled up in her baby blanket.


The pattern I used is Red Heart’s “Baby Girl Chevron,” which you can find  here. I’ve worked with baby yarns before that left a destruction in their wake, looking like a bomb of feathery fuzzies went off, so I was VERY relieved when this yarn was a pleasure to work with–soft and without the whole shedding-like-a-cat feature. And the pattern itself was super easy and has a delicate looking scallop detail that adds to its appeal, without requiring lace knitting.




Much to my delight, this blanket was a huge hit! I was even told by their mother that she and her younger sister were getting into a squabble over who got to cover with this blanket.  It looks like I’ll be knitting another one very soon!


Baby Chevron Blanket -

Posted July 20, 2016 in Knits

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